Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Boys Are Back In Town

The boys are back in town. Or at least they were. And they brought a girl with them - who even knew what she was getting into ahead of time - and that is always exciting. As you may have guessed, my friends from back home came to visit this weekend on their annual pilgrimage to the Worldwide Headquarters. As is customary, along with Bucko and CoCo there were some new faces, and that is always fun to see. A friend of Bucko and CoCo is always a friend of mine, especially when they are as cool as Kyle and Kristy are. I for one, had a blast as usual, I always enjoy when they visit. I am going to spare everyone the details of their visit, but I will say that I am sad to see them go.
I think that one of my favorite things about their visit is the baseball tradition, which is young as far as traditions go since it only started last year, but I like it anyhow. Here is the deal: the boys bring a baseball with them when they come to visit. They all sign it, I sign it, and we all put like a number on it as if we were baseball players signing an autograph. The fun part, though, is that we also ask all of the people we meet along way to sign it as well. So seemingly random waitresses and grocery store cashiers and other people get asked to sign this baseball as a sort of record of what happened and were we went. It doesn't matter that we can't read 80% of the signatures, that our numbers change every year, and that come next week they won't remember who signed it and where they were from. It is still a neat and quirky tradition and it makes for nice little mementos to keep on a mantle or in a box in an attic.
So anyway, thanks for visiting guys and girl, you are always welcome. I hope you had a good time. Enjoy your Sunday everyone. I will be off picking up an obscene number of beer bottles.

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