Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Big Dave and Company Podcast

Well, since Mike-a-licious let the cat out of the bag, we might as well talk about the Big Dave and Company podcast.
Yeah, I said podcast. With readership numbers climbing into the high single digits, over one third of which are direct hits, we decided that it was time to bring our voices to the masses. So on September 3, 2009 look for the very first of the Big Dave and Company podcasts. They will be weekly, most likely coming out on Thursdays for yours and everyone else's consumption. You can access them right here on Big Dave and Company, or on iTunes, yes, THAT iTunes and they will always be free. Oh, so you want to know what you are going to hear?
You will hear me, and Mike-a-licious, and whatever special guests we can round up. We will talk about all sorts of topics, from the Canadian parliamentary elections to the pros and cons of the silver standard to judicial robes as comfort dress for the portly gentileman. Just kidding. But we will be bringing you our unique perspective on whatever we think you need to know about. So you can look forward to that.
So yeah, let's go over the basics again: Big Dave and Company Podcast, to come out weekly, starting Sept. 3 right here on Big Dave and Company.com or on iTunes. I hope you enjoy. Hell, I just hope you listen.

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