Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wedding Thoughts

Well Company, I have spent the last weekend attending a wedding, and I have to admit that it has been loads of fun. I mean really. My sister got married a couple of months ago, and while I had fun at that wedding I was a little afraid to cut loose around all my relatives. But this weekend there was a nice mix of people I didn't know and people who already know that I am sort of a special guy in a "he-should-be-wearing-a-helmet" kind of special way. So anyway, that being said, here are some thoughts on the wedding.

- Half the night they had a band, and the other half of the night they had a DJ. I think this was a good idea. First, it sort of sidesteps the difficult question of whether to have a band or a DJ, plus the band played during dinner AND could play stuff for the, how do we say, parental set. And while I really liked the the DJ didn't do a lot of talking and whatnot, I mean, let's be honest we didn't want or need an emcee, but he could have at least looked like he was having fun.

- While at first it seemed like bringing in a round of pizzas at about 10:30 pm sounded like a good idea because people would be hungry and it would help soak up the alcohol, and even though the pizza was good, I sort f think that maybe in hind sight maybe leave that part out next time. It seemed like when everyone ate the 'za as G-Funk would call it just sort of sapped everyone's energy.

- At this particular wedding there was a disproportionally large amount of people who travelled in from out of town, so they had a shuttle running from the reception to the hotels where the block of rooms was booked pretty much all night long. Great idea. Makes it so much easier for everyone AND keeps drunk driving to a minimum.

- Yeah, I know it's your wedding but holding it on the same weekend as a major music festival in the same area as a major music festival was a bold decision. It worked out okay.

- Part of the success of a wedding is how well the families get along. And that includes the friends. Easiest way to avoid wedding drama is to make sure that everyone gets along, or can at least get along for a couple of days. We did, and had a blast.

- If you are going to swipe a large, pink, stuffed unicorn from a rummage sale across the street from the church, look for nasty stains before you bring it on the wedding bus and chuck it at a bunch of girls in nice dresses.

- I am also very impressed with how much more grown up we were at the wedding as opposed to at the bachelor party. I know, I know. It was a bachelor party and we aren't supposed to be grown up while we are there but I was impressed that we went at it having a great time until we ran out of steam and then we all went our separate ways. We didn't try to party like we were 21 anymore because we aren't 21 anymore and we recognized that. Good for us.

Anyway, as you can imagine I wrote the Sunday morning, not long after I woke up, before I could even get down and hit up the continental breakfast. And yes, my head was a little foggy. But that's good, right? It gives it uncensored sort of look at what went on. Anyhow, I had a total blast at the wedding, the best time I've had in a long time, and the wedding went off about as well as one could ask a wedding to go off. Yeah, I am sure I made an ass out of myself, but that's what you are supposed to do, right? At least I was an ass in a tux.

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