Sunday, July 05, 2009

Two Teenage Girls

The Worldwide Headquarters is located in the tallest building in the county, right downtown, where everyone can admire it, as would be expected. And it is located right across the street from the only movie theatre within 25 miles, and along a two-block stretch that is filled with restaurants and boutique shops, etc. So as one would imagine there are usually a fair amount of people passing by on any given day. I don't usually notice them. Every so often I will go peek out the window and see what is going on with all the people below, but other than that I rarely notice them and rarely pay attention to them, other than when they are keeping me from making a left turn onto the street or something.
The other day, however, I was running in and out of the Worldwide Headquarters running errands, which is a rare event in itself because the Worldwide Headquarters is way up on the top floor and it takes me about fifty minutes to get through the heavy security that we have here. Yet, on this particular day that is what I was doing, and as I was sitting at an intersection that I know better than to try and go through on a Friday afternoon, I took notice of two teenage girls. It's not like I usually go around staring at teenage girls, but for whatever reason these two caught my eye. Maybe it was because there was an endless procession of cars coming down the street that I wanted to turn onto, or maybe it was because whenever there weren't cars coming down there were pedestrians, but I think it was probably because the two teenage girls were sitting in a place where teenagers don't often sit, at least not when there are only two of them, and they were sitting in poses that they don't often sit.
The point here is that I saw them and took note of them. The little hard drive in my brain spun up and transferred their image to my memory. I got frustrated trying to turn left and made a right and went about my errand. I came back, maybe an hour or so later, parked the car and made my way upstairs. I happened to wander over by the window a couple of minutes to check out the scene on the street and I saw the same two teenage girls, this time sitting on a different bench. They didn't have any extra bags like they had been shopping. They didn't have a couple of more friends milling around as if they had been waiting for some people. There hadn't been enough time for them to take in a movie and this was in the morning anyway, so there were no movies playing at the time. As I looked at them and ticked off all the things that normal people do downtown that they couldn't have been doing, I came to the realization that they had just been hanging out there since I had left. Doing whatever two teenage girls would do while they hung out.
The really strange thing was that this whole process was repeated roughly two more times. Every time I left they were there. Every time I came back they were there. It was like they had nothing to do and nowhere to go and no way to get there anyway, so they were just hanging out in front of the movie theatre. Strange, but I guess that if there is nothing better to do such is life. I am not exactly sure when the two teenage girls made their way off to somewhere else but they had to be out there for like four hours or so just hanging out. While it is not strange to see teenage girls hanging out in front of the movie theatre it is a little odd to see the same two of them hanging out there for four hours on a Saturday morning. And it is especially odd that they are intriguing me as opposed to annoying the hell out of me. So thanks you two teenage girls for sort of restoring my faith in teenage girls and not making me want to strangle them all. You two were actually sort of cool. I hope you had a wonderful time out there.

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