Saturday, July 18, 2009

From The Gift Horse

Here's an idea Company. Don't look the gift horse in the mouth.
There is a problem with some people in this world. Well, there are many problems with many people in the world, but the particular problem to which I am speaking today is that there are a lot of people who like to look the gift horse in the mouth, to put the ages old expression to use. They expect to get things free and once they get that free stuff they expect more for the same price. Well it doesn't work that way, and all it does is piss off the people who went out of their way to stick their neck out for you.
You see, Company. Sometimes in this life you will get something for free, just because the people on the other side of the proverbial or sometimes literal counter are just feeling in a nice, giving, mood. For example: the girl at the gas station gives you your fountain drink for free, just because she is nice. We all know that this has happened to me before. Since this has happened to me before I know how it feels: it feels really good. It is like a little pinprick, except it's a pinprick of niceness that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. So I try, in my life, to pay it forward as you will and do little nice things for other people.
But there are always stupid people who don't realize what is going on and get mad or confused when they don't get the free treatment the second time around. Like the idiots who used to go to the Thai place in town where the awesome owner and chef would always give you a couple of crab rangoons in with your order, even if you didn't order crab rangoons. Well, she would do that if she liked you at least. Well, some idiot while I was in there one day waiting for my food (her stuff is awesome and so she was really busy and if she told you your food would be ready in a half hour it really ended up being like 60 minutes and you'd end up sitting there waiting but that was okay because the place was awesome) and this knob of a kid who she apparently liked got the test. See, every once in a while if you usually got rangoons she would not put them in there just to see if you are still cool. When when the mob boss gives you an unusual errand just to make sure you were still loyal. So she gave the kid the test, and the kid is a bonehead asshole who apparently feels he needs free stuff so he checks his food (which everyone does) and proceeds to ask "Where are my rangoons?" Yeah, go sit on a fencepost kid. If you are too dumb to realize that you are getting a little extra, or maybe a little freebie, you probably didn't deserve it in the first place and definitely don't deserve it anymore.
So I guess here is the deal, Company. Make sure that you never expect a free lunch. If you get a little something for free, or maybe if you get a great deal or someone goes the extra mile to do something nice to help you, be appreciative. If you get the run of the mill full price deal the next time so what. Just be happy for what you've got in the past. Take time to think about what is going on and be happy that you got something, because many times people go through life without getting anything at all. Maybe that is the secret of happiness.

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