Sunday, July 26, 2009

The End of Geocities

I got an e-mail the other day, Company, from ummm...from the good people at Yahoo! The reason that this particular e-mail was pertinent was that it was to inform me, among thousands of other people, that GeoCities was going to be closed down in October.
A lot of people who are of the younger sort, or the computer illiterate sort who might be reading this today won't really understand the significance of this. But it is pretty significant that after God-knows how many years Yahoo is pulling the plug on one of the first web hosting services for the everyday, non-computer dork like myself. To be honest, it makes sense from the standpoint of the folks at Yahoo!, since they have far better web hosting services now and because just about nobody used GeoCities anymore.
I have a GeoCities website though, did you know that, Company? Oh yeah. You probably thought that this sweet blog just sprung out of nowhere like a mushroom in the forest. That's not true. Long ago, when I was just an impressionable freshman in college, I sat down at my university-issued desk in my university-issued chair with my university-issued computer and formed a GeoCities site that all of about four people looked at. Needless to say I didn't have quite the perseverance then that I do these days. That site at one point went months without so much as looking at or thinking about or updating the thing, to the point where I had to put like an apology or something because I hadn't made changes in so long. It had actually been so long that I had forgotten the address even.
What I had with GeoCities was a site called "The House of Big Dave" and I thought at the time, and I still think today that it was a pretty good idea. What I did was this: I took a floor plan for a house that I got off the Internet, made it out like it was my house, and put links on all the rooms so that you could go from room to room through what is basically my house. So like if you went and clicked on the garage then you could see what is in my garage, with my usual witty comments. Same if you clicked on the bathroom or whatever you could read about all that. I thought it was pretty ingenious. You can go look at it here if you really want to. But only until October 26. After that it will be no more. And it's not like it will just be frozen in time. It will be gone, completely. Any pictures that were part of it, all the text, all the background and whatnot will be erased off the face of the Internet never to be seen again. And that will be that.
So if you want to go see what GeoCities holds, get on it right now, because there isn't much more time. And when GeoCities closes it will be the end of an era of sorts, as one of the first drag and drop website hosing services quietly slips into memory forever and its children, in the form of a million different sites in a million different places go on to be truly special things. Or, as you can see here, truly useless.


KingBobb said...

You should probably put the House of Big Dave in a hyperlink

Big Dave said...

Editor's Note: If you click on the word "here" it will take you right where you want to go. For some reason the color of the linked text did not change. That reason was that we forgot to change it. I bet you never thought to click on that now, did you tough guy? :p

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