Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The All-Star Game

So the Major League Baseball All-Star Game was held last night under the Gateway Arch at Busch Staduim in beautiful St. Louis, Missouri. And while the American League was able to score a 4-e victory in a rather unremarkable game to extend their winning streak to 13 years over the National League, and even though it was on Fox, which I don't particularly care for when it comes to broadcasting baseball, I still thorughly enjoyed it.
The All-Star Game really starts on Sunday with what is called the Futures Game, and continues to build through the Home Run Derby and celebrity softball game on Monday to the big event on Tuesday. At least that was how it shook out this year. And it was sweet. At least I thought so, and I am going to tell you why.
I love that the All-Star Break is a celebration of baseball, and there are few things that are more pure and wholesome. Now hear me out. One has to look past the advertisements that adorn every flat space in the stadium. One has to see beyond the fact that some of these guys make more in a year than Costa Rica. Past all that, and a little left of the millions of billions of camera and media way down on the field it is a celebration of family and baseball. During the Home Run Derby the players who aren't participating in the Derby line the first and third base lines. Most of them are with their kids. There are dozens of children ranging in age from about 4 to about 12 catching anything that isn't a home run. The place is filled with kids and families and the fans are psyched. Plus it rounds up tons of money for charity. I love it.
At the actual All-Star Game it is more a celebration of baseball. And America. There are always members of the Armed Forces floating around. Every year all the baseball greats from whatever city is hosting make appearances. This year the President of the United States was running around acting like any other giddy baseball fan. They even honored all sorts of "everyday heroes" who did a lot of good things for the world. Then the actual game started and one got to see phenomenal talent from both sides going one on one. It is baseball at its best and you know what else ramps it up a little bit? The game actually means something. The winner gets home field advantage in the World Series. Awesome. So I loved the All-Star Game. I wish all of them were like that.

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