Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Week Behind

     So, you've probably noticed the rapidly decreasing quality of my posts during the last week.  Now, normally I would blame it on the Unpaid Interns; I would infer that they are not doing good enough research or that they have been disturbing me while I work, whatever.  But I am feeling in a more judicious mood, more realistic, so I am going to blame it on Little Jeffy.
      Little Jeffy was here for the last week visiting the Worldwide Headquarters on his vacation, which has taken up most of my time.  This, I do not mind a bit.  I always enjoy a visit from Little Jeffy and I have to admit that I had an absolute blast over the last seven days or so.  I am not going to get into any details as to what exactly we did, as that will probably be in the papers and police reports of the days to come, but I will say that I was sad to see him go.  And he turned the opposite way that I would have turned if I were him, which confused me even more.
      While I always enjoy Little Jeffy's company, I am still skeptical of everything he does.  Like turning right when I would have gone left.  So I have to be skeptical about this last week.  Fist of all, despite his being on vacation, I was not, so I left him alone in my apartment for FIVE WHOLE DAYS while I was at the office, so I am sort of walking on eggshells wondering what booby traps he has set up.  It is actually a sort of double edged sword, because I am also looking to see what stuff he might have stole.  So I am going through everything which means I am going to hit booby trap after booby trap and prank after prank in places that I would never expect them.  So I have that to look forward to.
     I am also a little unnerved that he did not throw a single rock at me the whole week.  Little Jeffy has a long history of throwing rocks and stones at me in a variety of different situations.  And there were several prime situations for him to do that this week, but he didn't.  We went kayaking.  We went camping.  We walked through gravel parking lots and still, nothing.  I even threw a rock at him and nothing.  So I am running scared, which is probably what he wants.  I would not be surprised if this was a master psychological ploy to make me skittish and scared.  I would be supremely disappointed if this was a sign we were growing up.
      All kidding aside, I really did have a blast bumming around with Little Jeffy all week long, and at the bachelor party last weekend and with the girls in between. And now a sort of quiet after the storm has settled in.  Or maybe it's more like the eye of the hurricane, since my mom is coming up for a week starting Saturday.  So I've got a work week to get my act together and get prepared for that.  And I can't wait to do it all over again.

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KingBobb said...

So, as I turned right instead of left upon leaving the Secret Headquarters, I thought to myself, "Self, I bet he calls me in a minute to figure out why I turned this way." But, you threw me for a loop. Instead you wrote an entire blog about it. Then threw me under the bus as to why you weren't keeping up your entries. Touche, sir.