Friday, June 05, 2009

The Question: Update

     A little over a week ago we posed a question to you, Company, in the form of a week-long poll.  A whopping nine (9) of you took the several seconds required out of your lives to respond to the very tough question that follows: "Are you generally an optimist or a pessimist?"
     I had a hard time with this question, I really did.  I wavered back and forth like one would expect the former president of the Waffling Club for Young Moderates to do.  I managed to make my logic go around and around in circles like a dog that is about the lay down for the evening on his or her favorite doggie blanket (Coincidentally, and totally unrelated, I took a logic class early in my college career and I really enjoyed it, but back then I wasn't smart enough to keep the books from the classes I really enjoyed, I only kept the books from the classes in my major, and one would be surprised at how many times I have regretted going into the bookstore and plopping that book down on the counter just to collect the paltry $10.52 that I got back for it).  But eventually I made a decision about whether or not I am an optimist or a pessimist and picked one of the two choices.  Wanna' know which one?
     Well I will tell you.  I know that you are never supposed to tell which one you picked in an exit poll, or what you wished for when you blew out your birthday candles, but I am going to defy convention and let all of you know that I cast the deciding vote for the optimists.  I was just one of the five (5) that voted for optimism in these pessimistic times.  I was like the Vice-President sitting in the Senate with no idea of what was going on and suddenly having to make a decision about something super important like child care reform or funding for the space program or optimism vs. pessimism.  Maybe it was the deciding vote to put an end to the terrible music emanating from the bar below the Worldwide Headquarters.  Who knows?  But either way I was that guy, that fifth vote, who cast my will for optimism and half-full glasses and sunshine and short shorts.
     I could have just as easily voted for pessimism and half-empty glasses and low cloud banks and snow pants like four of you felt they needed to do.  And that would have been okay.  Because for every optimist or two (2) there needs to be a pessimist around to sort of keep the balance.  So I guess that we had the right mixture in the poll and the Big Dave and Company family is right in about the right balance.  And who knows?  Maybe if it was a different day of a different week of a different month it would have tipped the other way.  Maybe on that day A-Town or Peg-a-saurus Rex would have swung their vote the other direction.  That's all it would have taken.  Or maybe I hadn't gotten to optimist on my word-of-the-day toilet paper so I had to vote for pessimist because that was last Wednesday's word and it's the only one I knew the definition of.  It's that close.  The margin is that razor thin.  So get out there and cast your vote for optimism, even if the poll is already closed.  Cast you vote be being optimistic.  Then we will all know your answer to "the question."

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