Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Puberty in Full Swing

     So Company, if you are old enough, do you remember going through puberty?  It's hell.  I mean, not like the terrible hell that is hoisted upon people when women are forced to go through The Change, but it's still not great.  Well, Big Dave and Company is going through a pretty intense puberty right now.  You may remember that it started right after our first anniversary, when we broke out in this nasty blog acne background that looked like a million billion Spree.  A lot of people liked it.  Even the Unpaid Interns liked it.  But I hated it.  And since I probably look at the old Big Dave and Company more times in one day than most people do in a fortnight, I win when I decide it needs to be changed.  And I am sure you will notice that it has been changed a lot lately.  Well, my friends, it's all part of the puberty.
     If you are older and can remember back, or if you are younger and care he find about what is in store, puberty is a nasty little thing that sneaks up on you very suddenly.  It's like, one day all the sudden there is a pimple on your forehead or chin and then all the sudden WHAM! your voice is changing and you have hair in places where you never had it before, and where you won't want to have it in the future, unless of course your significant other is into that kind of thing.  So think of it like that.  We got those nasty pimples a little while ago (the aforementioned Spree background) and now it is in full swing: we are changing every day and last night we had to ask dad to borrow his razor.  Oh, and we suddenly started noticing boobs. 
      It's not like we had a problem with the classic black background.  It was strong; solid.  It was classic and classy.  Sure it had a sweet color scheme with the colors and fonts and everything, but there were some complaints that it was time to change.  Plus, it WAS a little plain at times.  And so while it worked really well most of the time, it was just time for a change.  And who knows, after a little experimentation we might go right back to it.  The grass isn't always greener, Company, we've talked about that before.  But that doesn't mean that we can't look, right?  So please, please bear with us while we do a little construction and remodeling.  Or redecorating if you would rather think of it that way.  We might be blue for a while.  We might be red for a bit.  We might end up back on black somehow.  Eventually we will settle on something.  And we hope you like it.

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