Saturday, June 13, 2009


     A couple of weeks ago, Company, you might remember how I Mike-a-licious and I were chasing a man in a Superman outfit around town.  Silly me, I thought this was an isolated incident, one crazy loon running about town in a ridiculous outfit for no reason.  But apparently not, because today while I was going to take the Miles Standish (my kayak) back to put it away I saw Superman again, although this time he was dressed as a pirate and waving a skull-and-crossbones flag.  
     Okay, there was a very good chance that he was not the same guy who wore the Superman outfit around.  He could have been Steve the Pirate from Dodgeball for all I knew.  What I did know, however, is that he was there.  And he was waving his flag at the passing traffic like he was a cheerleader at a football game or something.  And while it would be most likely that these were two isolated incidents that just happened to occur within two weeks, it makes for a much better story and much better entertainment if we assume that the two are related somehow and conveniently forget that there is a pirate ship themed attraction in town.
     So then, since we are assuming the Pirate and Superman are related I guess that my first question is how?  Who, what, where, why, how?  I choose to start with how.  It would be easy to think that the two are actually the same guy, maybe he is a costume designer or something.  But, to be honest, I hope not.  I sort of hope that they are like brothers or roommates or something.  I envision them sitting on a couch in their parents basement watching reruns of Who's the Boss? and thinking of what costumes they are going to wear.  Then I see them driving around in their 1980s Datsun and collecting the things they would need over a series of weeks: red tights, big feather, stainless steel hook, cape, etc.  Then they pick their days.  Day one Superman gets hosed because it's pouring outside, but day two the Pirate has great weather. 
     There are striking similarities to the cases that I just cannot ignore.  Both were just there unexpectedly out of the blue.  Both were only there for a short time: Mike-a-licious and I never found Superman and the Pirate was gone when I came back the other direction.  They were both dressed impeccably in perfect recreation.  And they were both bat shit crazy.  I can't wait to see what they come up with next.  I am sure that they will have their new outfits ready right around Independence Day so we cal all see them.  I am hoping for Shamu and the Statue of Liberty, but I doubt I will get it.  A guy can still hope though, can't he?

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