Friday, May 08, 2009

Your Feet Smell Like Fish: Update

I don't know if you remember, Company, but a while back we talked about fish pedicures and the problems they were causing, and one of my central focal points was that sometimes the government takes itself a little bit too seriously. Well, they have certainly taken that to a new level as they have, not unexpectedly, ordered the closure of our favorite little suburban Milwaukee fish pedicure store.
Yeah, that's right. And it's a little bit ridiculous. Those of you who are part of the government bureaucracy are going to sit there and tell me that they were just doing their job, that they were just enforcing the rules that they are mandated to enforece, blah, blah, blah. But I don't buy it. They very well could have figured out a way to make this fly, but instead they chose to be narrow minded and single out this entrpreneur, at a time when this nation and that state in particular desperately need entrepreneurs. Bold strategy.
Basically what happened was this: The Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing decided that the business was a pedicure business, despite the fact that in no way are they dealing with or altering the toenails of the clients. And of course, manicure and pedicure businesses have strict laws regarding the sanitation of their instruments, which the state ruled they were not doing with their fish. And so it goes. The salon is closed. Up your nose with a rubber hose.
Apparently too the state decided that they workers at the parlor must be licenensed as cosmotologists since they apply lotions and perfumes to people's feet. I would license them maybe more as foot fetish people but that's just me. The store contends that it does not offer traditional pedicures, but offers a unique exfoliation treatment, which of course has much less stringent rules and regulations. No surprise there. But the state disagreed and now the shop sits idle, waiting to be moved.
But wait, that's not how it went down. The shop wasn't ordered to be closed. At least that is what the DRL says. They state that all they did was send a formal notification of their decision and their recommendations that they are going to present to the secretary, whomever that is. And the secretary then can decide if the place needs to be closed, regulated, fined, whatever. So yeah, that's all there is to it. It is effectively an order of closure and everybody knows it. And so the place is gone and that is all there is to it. RIP fish pedicures. Just a little too abnormal for the government to deal with, I guess.

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