Saturday, May 09, 2009

Shattered Glass and Free Soda

Two cool things happened to me in one night the other night.  Please allow me to tell you about them.

1.) I was doing laundry at my favorite laundromat the other night, and all was going well.  Actually, all was not going well.  See, sometimes I am anti-social, and laundry day is usually one of those times.  I am hauling around large amounts of textiles.  I am usually dressed in my shittiest, worst fitting and mismatching clothes.  So I generally don't want to be seen.  But on this night I was.  There were two, scratch that, two and a half people in there.  I say two and a half because there were two ladies and one little kid.  Fine.  I can handle that.  And they have about three quarters of the machines used up with their laundry, their bedding, etc.  Fine, I can deal with that too.  There were lots of machines available and for as anal as I am sometimes I can deal with using a machine that is not the usual one that I use.  Later on some guy, who obviously does not do a whole lot of laundry and who I found out was a fisherman from out of town (I sort of thought that when I first saw him, what with the garbage bags he was using as laundry sacks).  Anyway, fast forward to later, while I am waiting for the last ten minutes of the dryer cycle.  I am watching the Brewers game with my back turned to the rest of the room when I hear a slam, shattering glass, and a kid crying.  Now, I hear you gasp.  Don't.  The kid was fine.  He was just a little startled.  But what had happened was that the lady had shut the dryer door and the glass on it just shattered.  Into a million billion pieces on the floor.  Oh man was it sweet.  The lady wasn't even roughousing or anything.  She just shut it like a million people have done a million times before and WHAM-O!  Glass all over the place.  I could barely stop laughing.  It was seriously sweet.

2.)  Fast forward to a little later in the night.  I stop at the friendly local gas station to get some gas for the DykeSedan.  What, did you think it ran on dreams or what?  So I get some gas and make some decisions.  Sometimes in your life you have to make decisions.  I decide that I am going to get some fuel injector cleaner and something to drink when I go inside to pay for my fuel.  So I walk in the door and see no one behind the counter.  I am momentarily confused until I am startled by movement.  The girl working at the gas station was sitting at the little table in the hot lunch area and scratching scratch off tickets with some guy.  She starts to get up and I said "Sit down, relax.  I am not ready for you yet.  I will let you know when I am."  So I wander around, look at the ice cream, fill up a 32 oz. fountain drink, and proceed to the checkout, notifying the girl on my way past that I am ready.  So we banter, as people are want to do, and she grabs my fuel injector cleaner and rings it up and says "$3.29."  I notify her that I have gas as well.  So she rings that up and names me her price.  And it doesn't seem right, so I grab the drink and say "I have this too."  She responds, non-chalant and matter-of-factly "I'm not going to charge you for that."  So I say thank you, pay my bill, bid her good evening and wish her good luck on her scratch offs.  Then I proceed out into the night.  Wasn't that nice?  That made my night, even more than the shattered dryer window.  Just a small, random, act of generosity and kindness from somewhere that you wouldn't expect it.  Thanks girl.  You are very nice and I appreciate it.  That made me happy.  And that's the coolest thing you can do.  

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