Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Little Poem

So I wanted to write a little poem,
But I didn't want it to rhyme.
And I didn't have a subject,
And I had no idea what I wanted to say.

I went ahead and wrote a little poem,
But it has no structure,
And it makes little sense,
And it's not going to win any awards.

There are reasons I wrote this little poem,
But maybe I won't tell,
And perhaps you will figure out,
And perhaps you won't.

It's much easier to write a little poem,
But you don't think I'm lazy,
And you would be wrong,
And you will feel like a fool.

I'm almost done with my little poem,
But it wasn't done in vain,
And it served its purpose,
And it got me a post for today.

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