Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let's Talk About Pictures: Buzz Lightyear

    For our May special promotion we are going to take one photo each day and comment on it.  Sounds fun, doesn't it?
      Yeah! Buzz Lightyear.  Toy Story.  All that jazz.  Love it.  Actually, not really.  I saw Toy Story about nine years ago when it came out and I won't lie, it didn't leave a lasting impression on me.  I mean, I seem to remember it being good enough.  I seem to remember being entertained, and I might have a Buzz Lightyear or Woody action figure buried at the bottom of a moving box that came in via a Happy Meal or something, but it's not like went out and bought a giant Buzz Lightyear pillow to put in my race car bed.  But yet here I am, literally 14 years after it came out in 1995, and I am writing about Buzz Lightyear.  So there must have been something endearing about the movie.  And Buzz was obviously a successful character if I know him and I know what movie he was in and I know what he was all about.  But he wasn't quite amazing enough to make me go with those fifteen million bratty kids and see Toy Story 2.  So where does that leave us?
      Well, it still leaves us trying to decide what to decide about Buzz Lightyear.  I mean, he's pretty cool right?  A little condescending but be basically means well.  He's part jet pack, so that makes him super cool, right?  But then again, he wears a helmet 24/7, and we all know what that means, don't we?  I think those are little water wings on his arms, which go right with the helmet.  But he's been to space, and only cool people and those who have written a huge check out to the Russians have been to space.  Plus, he hangs out with cowboys, and chicks LOVE cowboys.  Or at least guys that pretend they are cowboys.  And he was in a movie so he's automatically awesome, because I have never been in a movie.  I've been on COPS a couple of times but that doesn't count.
     In the end I think we can safely say that Buzz Lightyear was and is a pretty cool guy.  And I am a little jealous of his space suit too, to be honest.  I would have so much fun with that thing if I could borrow it for like the Labor Day weekend or something.  Especially if I had a few first and was firing the rockets off in an indiscriminate fashion.  So I guess that Buzz is alright in my book.  And I think I would still like him even if he didn't have his suit on.  So rock on with your bad self.  And, can I borrow your suit this weekend?  It's Memorial Day.

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Gone With The Wind said...

Ha, the kids have that exact Buzz Lightyear. The real imitation laser beam does make a cool sound.