Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Let's Talk About Pictures: The Australian Outback

For our May special promotion we are going to take one photo each day and comment on it.  Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
     So this is the Australian Outback that I have been hearing so much about.  Hmmm...yeah, I am not so sure about this one.  I usually like places like this.  I have always wanted to vacation in the Great Plains.  But even this might be a bit much.  I once had a professor tell me that the state in which I lived was a "go-through state" that people only went to on their way somewhere else.  And I am kind of thinking that this place might end up being that for me.  I can see myself tooling down this road at about 600 miles per hour in some Australian rental car and probably freaking out when I came head to head with a road train, but I can't see myself, say, camping here.  Mostly because I don't see any trees or water anywhere.  And those are two things that I generally like to see around me when I am camping.  I would even be willing to camp somewhere that there was no water on the surface but there was a pump and a well for drinking water.  That would be okay with me.  But there isn't even that here.
     I can't image that there is much else you could do here.  Maybe have a snake ranch or something.  You certainly couldn't hold a major tennis tournament here, that's for sure, which is why the Australian Open is held across the continent in Melbourne.  You couldn't even put up like a factory or something here because it's so far from supply lines and whatnot, although maybe a solar farm would work here.  Lay out a million billion solar panels and let them bake in the sun all day long with some huge wires leading off into the distance.  If you were an university scientist studying sagebrush or really red soil I guess you would love to roaming around here with some grad students and living in a tent and talking to a camera crew from National Geographic or something but I can't really see what else you would do here if you came here by choice.
      I suppose though, that there is a certain romance to this place.  I mean, if I look at it through my non-existent artist's eye there is a certain something about the perfect blue sky and the red, red rock, and the white clouds with streaks of grey with the misty mountains off in the distance that make an interesting color scheme.  And there is something stark and wonderful about the emptiness and loneliness of the place that makes me want to go there.  It just draws me in.  So does the extreme nature of the place, too, I have to admit.  The weather, the conditions, the distance, the stillness, the whole nine yards.  I love it.  And I want to destroy it with my dust plume sticking up from behind my rental car of justice.  Oh it would be great.  And it would be there.  And so would I

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