Tuesday, May 12, 2009


     Well Company, I can't hold you by the hand and lead you from place to place through everything all the time.  Sometimes you are going to have to do a little digging on your own when it comes to the stuff we are talking about.  Well today is one of those occasions.  I have added a link to an article that I am going to talk about, but this is a long and drawn-out case and this article is only a little snippet.  If you wish to know more I am sure that if you type in any of the names you read here you can find a million billion articles about the whole deal.  So there, take that.
     What I really wanted to talk about today though is faith.  Faith, is a pretty tricky thing.  It's sort of like water.  Water is an amazing substance.  There is nothing in nature that it like it.  It behaves in ways that nothing else does.  Most substances contract as they get colder.  Water expands.  Most other things easily combine and get pulled apart.  Not water.  It's like two dogs humping: it takes ridiculous amounts of energy to pull it apart, and it growls at you when you try to do it.  Oh, and everyone has to have water.  And so it is with faith.  It's like nothing else that affects you.  And everyone has it.
        Nope, I'm sorry you are wrong.  I know that you are racking your brains, Company, and throwing out suggestions like we are on Win, Lose, or Draw or something, but you aren't going to find a single person who doesn't have a little faith within in some way, shape, or form.  Even if it is (look at that, three words that are each only one letter different but that have wildly different meanings, how do you feel about that?) the undying faith that there is no such thing as faith, it has hidden itself within your being, just like all that water you lose through aspiration hides itself as breathing.   The point here, Company, is that faith isn't religion; they are in fact two very different concepts.  But faith is always there, and it can be faith in anything.  Even if it is (there they are again) the faith that there is really nothing in which to have faith.
     Let's look at an example of two people who had very different areas of faith that ended up with the very same result.  First we will talk about the folks in the article we listed above.  In it we learn a date has been set in the state's trail against Leilani Neumann, who is charged with second-degree reckless homicide in the death of her daughter.  What happened is that Neumann chose to pray for her daughter to be healed rather than take her to a doctor for treatment for her diabetes.  Neumann had faith in God and religion and none in modern scientific medicine.  Her faith was not rewarded, however, and her daughter passed away from complications from her disease.
     Let's flip that on its ear.  See if you've heard this sort of story before.  When I was a teenager my grandfather was found to have cancer.  Not uncommon.  Like most people he had faith in that modern, scientific medicine.  He went to radiation.  He suffered through chemotherapy.  In the end, and despite the best efforts of his doctors, nurses, medical professionals, etc, he succumbed to his cancer.  His faith was not rewarded, either.  Two people, two very different areas of faith, but both of which led to the same conclusion.  "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I chose the one less traveled."  And here the converged.  And no matter which you chose, you ended up at the same place.  Two faiths.  One reward.
     It doesn't matter what you place your faith in, be it God or the Devil or that it will rain on Tuesdays or in the goodness of peanut butter, what matters is that you have faith in something.  And you do, even if it is in that faith does not exist.  So don't worry and don't fret.  It's cool if you have faith in blue sky, and it's cool if you have faith in rain.  It's cool if you have faith in the irresistible force, and it's cool if you have faith in the unmovable object.  Just as long as you realize that you have faith, and that it's a part of you, and that you can't deny it.  I have faith that you will agree.

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