Friday, April 17, 2009

Ending Puberty on April Eighteenth

      Remember how I was talking the other day about the best way to deal with making a mistake?  Well, I find myself taking my own advice again.  Unless you are still drunk from last night, you have probably noticed that I have come slinking back to the old standard "Minima Dark."  I wish I could have it combined with "Minima Lefty" to make "Minima Lefty Dark" because that is what I really want, but it's not available and you can't always get what you want.  At least that's what The Rolling Stones told me, and you, and everyone else in the world.  So anyway, I hated the dots, you hated the dots, and the American people hated the dots.  Now we are back to the classic black, sophisticated, strong background.  And we have managed to come full circle.  ON April Fool's Day we entered puberty and the dots appeared like so much acne.  It's true, just think about it.  There were blackheads and whiteheads and girls found it unattractive.  And now, as we've gone on in life we've grown up into something more substantial and appropriate and our complexion has cleared up.  Oh, and apparently we are black.  Who knew?  But the bottom line is that the dots were driving me nutso, and I probably look at Big Dave and Company more than all of you combined.  So it had to go.  There's nothing wrong with admitting your mistake and going back to the truster.  So that's what I did.  That's all for today, go out and enjoy your Saturday.  I know I am.

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