Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

     Well kids, it's Easter Sunday.  Now, you know that I am all about marking holidays here, from Christmas to New Years Eve (which is only like six days, I know) to Rwandan Independence Day to St. Peaches Day.  But Easter I am not sure I want to touch.  For a myriad of reasons.
    First of all, it's a deeply religious holiday.  One of the holiest days in Christianity, and not everyone is Christian.  Okay, we can deal with this.  I am not going to get into the whole thing with the religious aspects of it, but you have to admit that it IS a Christian holiday that we are noting here.  Even those of you who like to link Christian holidays to non-Christian festivals and holidays that correlate with them, you have to admit that even though it roughly lines up with the Vernal Equinox and whatnot we wouldn't be celebrating it to the degree we don't if it weren't for the Christians marking it.  Right?  I mean, the open mind works both ways here folks: you have to be as open minded towards Christian mythology as the Christians should towards whatever you decide to acknowledge.  And there you go.  But I know that religion can be both solidly uniting and deeply divisive, so I usually try to sort of avoid the subject.  But Easter just won't let me do that.
     Second, I don't get a lot of things about Easter.  And when I can't pin something down at least a little bit it unnerves me some.  I guess that the reason I can't get a handle on Easter is because it's so mysterious.  If you are religious, there is certainly a lot of mystery surrounding the events of Easter.  If you are into calendars there are the questions of how the date seems to change every year, and not in the same way as Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) where it's the last Thursday of the month or something.  It seems to me to be totally random, but then again, that's why I am not a calendar maker, isn't it?  And could someone tell me how bunnies have anything to do with eggs?  I still don't get that and I don't think I ever will.  I mean, yes, eggs belong in a nest of grass, but that doesn't belong in a basket.  Any bunnies make burrows like under tree stumps and whatnot, and they don't lay eggs above ground.  ARRRGGGHHH!  Will someone please explain this to me?  See?  It's full of mystery.
       In the end, I chose to put my Mickey Mouse hands squarely around Easter because holidays are like meat.  It doesn't matter if it's ham or pork or beef or chicken, you can always boil it down to bones.  That's how you make soup.  And it's the same with holidays.  No matter what the holiday you can always boil it down to the same thing: being around the people you love.  Any reason is a good one to get together with your loved ones, even if that person is just yourself.  Whether you choose to gather because of the religious significance of Easter or if you gather just because it's Easter or whatever, it doesn't matter.  Whether you eat traditional ham or goose or stuffed tomatoes and macaroni and cheese, it doesn't matter.  All that matters is that you do something to be with those that are important to you, even if that just means having dinner with yourself.  I will be spending Easter like most other Americans: stuffing my face and then driving for hours while trying to stay one step ahead of my food coma.  What a wonderful holiday.  Happy Easter everyone!  


Anonymous said...

merry easter big dave!!! 8 more days till St. Peaches day

the other dave said...

happy easter big man. You know i am not religous at all but it is a holiday that gets the fam together so you gotta give it props for that. anyways the kids keep asking for ya and i need to come visit the world headquarters sometime soon