Wednesday, March 18, 2009


     Well, Company, you know that I have never been the first to jump on the old technology bandwagon.  I was among the last people I knew to get a cell phone.  I didn't have a color TV until 1985.  My car does not have and probably never will have satellite radio.  And so on and so forth.  But one area that I have decided I need to embrace is Twitter.  And oh man is it cool.
     You know how I always seem to have this raging, mega-hard boner for random thoughts?  You also know how I have the attention span of a sand gnat?  Well, when these two facts collide it causes a problem for me in my life because I have all these ridiculous and exciting random thoughts that I can't remember long enough to bring them to you.  Well no more.  Twitter will let me bring these thoughts to you when they come to me, and that is super exciting.  At least for me.  Because now all these wonderful ideas won't just disappear into the eather.  They will be brought to you directly.
      So how do I go about getting involved in this, Big Dave?  Well, you can follow along at my Twitter homepage or you can actually be a follower if you have a Twitter account.  It's super exciting I guess.  You can even respond to the things I write and all that fun jazz.
     But for those of you who maybe aren't into having yet ANOTHER online account to go with your six e-mails, Kohl's, Wet Seal, REI, Amazon, and Roasted Nut of the Month Club online memberships that's okay.  You don't have to sign up for anything whatsoever.  Through the magic of electricity and computers the good people at Twitter have linked up with the good people at Blogger to make it so you can read all my tweets right here at Big Dave and Company!  Tweets, by the way, are what they call the little posts that Twitter creates.  It's also the same sound that my smoke alarm was making.  But anyway, you can follow along right where it says "Happening right now:" on the upper left.  I replaced the "something to be happy about" with this because this is way more fun.  So it's on.  And I am on Twitter.  Let the fun begin.

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