Monday, March 30, 2009

Ten Years old!

Editor's Note - As part of our First Birthday celebration, we here at Big Dave and Company have asked a very select group of people to write a little something about us. Today we feature Mike-a-licious creator and all-around awesome super hottie Mikealicious. He is also a well-known man about town with a crippling obsession with aftermarket car bling.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Big Dave and Company, happy birthday to you! OK. now that the formalities are out of the way we can commence with the party poppers, noise makers and silly pointy hats.

Big Dave and Company just turned one year old. That's a huge milestone for just about anything Internet related. I think Internet years are allot like dog years, maybe more so. The Internet ages very quickly. One year on the Internet is more like ten years. So by that logic, Big Dave and Company is ten! These are formative years. Girls, love notes in math class. Your first felony. Ahhh, childhood. The choices Big Dave and Company make in the near future will shape the rest of its time in cyberspace. I'm not worried. The man at the helm is the only man I would pick for the job.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret people. I have actually been to the world headquarters of Big Dave and Company. I was given a personal tour by Big Dave himself. I got to see all the interns fetching coffee and making copies. We ate in the ample cafeteria, which had a great selection of assorted fruits, sliced meats and many pudding cup choices. It was amazing. Then, I got to see the place where all the magic happens. Big Dave's writing area. He told me "This is where I sit without pants and just let it happen". I think by IT he meant writing. But now that I thing about it again I'm not totally sure. Anyhow, he doesn't like to call this area an office and you really can't because it so much more like a living room. It was truly a life changing tour. It was after that experience that I decided to do what any young white guy would do. Try to copy him and be famous. I started wearing the same clothes as he did, I got rid of my female love interest ( wife) I gained weight and purchased a well worn Japanese made sedan. Complete with tomato can exhaust and barbed wire license plate holder. Then I started my own blog. I thought that was all it took to be famous and have interns hanging on my every word. Wow was I wrong. What no one told me was you had to actually be a good writer. So I pretty much gave up blogging and joined the peace corps.

On a serious note, Ive only known about Dave and Big Dave and Company for a short time. In that time he and his wise words have changed many lives including my own. His writing is witty, insightful and just plain fun. I hope to see his following grow even more in the coming years. People don't know what they're missing.


Adrianne said...

What a glowing review. Funny too. You're lucky you have so many hilariously brilliant friends Dave. I look forward to tomorrow's entry. Party on.

Mikealicious said...

Hilariously brilliant? Aw-shucks.