Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tyler Perry's House of Pain

     Hi, hello there. How are you today? Listen, I hate to bother you but I was just wondering if someone could explain to me why I should care about Tyler Perry? I mean, he keeps getting show after show (and they all seem to be on TBS) and movie after movie but I have yet to see anything that is worth me getting excited about.
     Okay, let's start with some concesisons. I am willing to call a spade a spade here, Company. Tyler Perry, aside from being prolific, is a talented individual. This is obviously true since he has made millions and billions of dollars from his movies, TV shows, plays, and books. So there HAS to be some merit to his work. And the fact that he keeps getting shows and movies must mean that the powers that be have faith in him. And that's great. And I am sure that he is a perfectly nice man in his everyday life. But I fail to see why I should ever watch any of his shows?
     Oh, they are funny? Yeah, I don't think so. I would be willing to apply the term annoying to his work. but not so much funny. I don't see why a man, dressed up as a woman, running around yelling nonsense at people is considered to be funny or innovative. It wasn't funny when Martin Lawrence did it, it wasn't funny when Robin Williams did it, and it's not that funny now. And it is definitely not funny enough to have like fourteen movies about it. Let's review the movies:
Diary of A Mad Black Woman. People get pissed off and sleep with one another. Annoying Madea won't shut up.
Madea's Family Reunion. There is strife in the family because people are stupid. Annoying Madea won't shut up.
Daddy's Little Girls. This may be an adult film.
Why Did I Get Married? Successful people act stupid. People sleep with one another.
Meet the Browns. Stupid stuff happens. Annoying Madea won't shut up.
The Family That Preys. Successful people act stupid. Madea is not in this movie but won't shut up.
Any noticable trends here? Oh yeah, all those movies are time-tested clichés that wore out their welcome long ago. Yet our boy Tyler manages to squeeze a little bit more out of them time and time again. Well I am not buying. And I am not buying his TV shows either.
     Ahh yes, the TV shows. There have been two of them, Tyler Perry's House of Payne and Meet the Browns, neither of them offering one funny or endearing moment to make me want to tune in whatsoever. Sorry. The male Madea making lame jokes isn't going to make me watch. But apparently someone is, because House of Payne went into sydication and Meet the Browns is still going strong. I have just yet to be offered one shred of evidence (aside from the hundreds of million dollars in box office gross form his films which I am conveneiently ignoring) that any of Tyler's work is any good.
     Now Tyler, if you are reading, which I doubt you are because you are probably busy writing another scene in another terrible movie about Madea hitting someone with her purse YET AGAIN, I am not ragging on you. I am glad that you have had a successful career and I wish you the continuation of that success. But it's not for me. I just don't get it, just like I don't get what's so great about The Beatles or why people like women's basketball. So that's the deal. I am receptive to other people's ideas and opinions so please, PLEASE, someone explain to me why Tyler Perry and his work is so good. I will listen. I won't argue. I am out to gain knowledge. And then maybe I won't be so sick of seeing all his promos on TV every eight minutes.

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