Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

     Well Company, in addition to it being David Nathaniel's birthday (Happy Birthday David Nathaniel) it is the first of February, AND it's Super Bowl Sunday.  I was going to sit down and watch the game with a notepad and do a running commentary of the game, like at 1:40 in the third quarter I had this thought: and wham-o, I'd tell you what I thought.  But you know what?  Everyone and their brother is doing something Super Bowl related.  Even Living in Limbo took pause to mention what has become the greatest American sporting event.  For those of you who don't know how things shook out, like maybe you had to work or perhaps you were laid up in the ICU and you recorded the game on your TiVo and you meticulously avoided any place that would tell you the score, like you have been hanging out all night long at your job in the shipping department of a warehouse with no radio or TV and you are avoiding the papers online and whatnot and now you have stumbled upon Big Dave and Company and BOOM! Pittsburgh Steelers 27, Arizona Cardinals 23.  So there.  Now I have ruined your night.  Thanks for reading though.
     It was a pretty good game though.  I was watching it at Dr. J's house, and when he said at the conclusion that it was a really good game, I disagreed.  I stated that it was a boring game until the fourth quarter.  But now, upon quiet reflection from my traditional spot on the couch, I am going to have to change my vote and concur.  I am like Supreme Court Justice Andrew Kennedy, always waffling in my vote until the last minute (cut me some slack please, I just read a book about the Supreme Court).  Which in this case will never come because we can always look back and debate the game.  But whatever.  I must say I enjoyed it, but not the commercials all that much.
     Yeah, I am seriously disappointed by the commercials.  I actually tune in for the game, but if I were one of those people who tuned in for the commercials I would be completely, unabashedly pissed.  Listen, I know that the economy is down right now.  I understand that the mood of the nation probably doesn't coincide with big money, flashy commercials.  But if you are going to fork over THREE MILLION of your advertising dollars, you could at least come up with something creative.  I mean, come on.  Let's be honest.  If you were planning on having a commercial on during the Super Bowl, then you knew about this a long time ago.  So why did many of the commercials look like they were slapped together last week?  I mean, they just didn't have that Super Bowl pop that they should have.  Katie Geography and I used to do our presentations for class during the class on the day we were supposed to present and even we consistently came up with better stuff than Madison Avenue did today.  Oh well.  It's their loss I guess.
     All in all it was a good day if not a very pedestrian blog post today.  Sorry about that.  We are definitely not off to a good start for the month of February, which is not only the shortest month of the year but Black History Month and probably some other sort of month that we are supposed to be celebrating.  But we will sort it all out tomorrow and make February 2 the first good step of the month.  And away we go.

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