Friday, February 20, 2009

Something To Be Happy About: Bright, Sunny, Cold Days

The entire editorial staff amazingly picked up the same book from the same friendly local library used book sale; a book entitled 14,000 Things To Be Happy About. Since during these trying times Big Dave and Company likes to think of itself as a glimmering beacon of hope, laughter, and good feelings, as part of our February Special Feature we are going to bring you something out of this book to be happy about. And then, after the Special Promotion is over you can find something new to be happy about every day in the top-right corner. Amazing!

Bright, Sunny, Cold Days

We've already talked about the power of the sun here, people. It's amazing. Never mind that it makes our planet habitable, never mind that it provides your body with tons of completely free Vitamin D, never mind that it makes plants grown and whatnot, it also has an extremely powerful and all-encompassing effect on the human psyche. That's why there are so many precautions taken for the people who live and work at the poles, where the sun can disappear for months at a time. That is why we get the winter blahs. It is all because of the sun. Heck, the sun is even the generator behind rainbows.
But it's so much more than that. Think about a frigid day outside in the great white north, the air is just a little bit thinner than normal, the snow on the ground makes that crunching noise when you walk on it. It makes a squeaking noise if you walk on it right. You are in your comfortable living room, lying on the couch and you can see all the little bits of dust dancing in the sunbeam. That's the life right there, I tell ya. Notice how that never makes one think about how dirty the house is, or the fact that you are breathing all of those dust particles in and it is most definitely NOT oxygen. It just has this serene, comforting effect that can only be found on a cold winter's day. It doesn't work like that in the summer because on a day when the sun is coming in through the window you are probably sweating your ass off and it's not comfortable at all. There is something vastly different between being toasty warm and being broasted alive by the sun.
See? Powerful. It's been worshiped by hundreds of cultures, all that jazz. It's a powerful thing. And except when it makes you sweat or get terrible sunburn it generally makes one happy. And combined with extreme cold and tons of snow reflecting back up into the atmosphere it's almost magical. It can draw people out of the house, bring lovers out to stroll in the parks, and most of all? Most importantly? It brings hope. Old ladies will come out of their hoses to go shopping because it means that spring is almost here. It's magic. Just to hear the phrase. Looking out the window, it seems the clouds are clearing. Let the magic begin.

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