Monday, February 09, 2009

The Process of Responsibility

     I am feeling a bit pensive, Company, upon my return from my Fabulous Weekend Spectacular, and so you are going to have to put up with me. I heard a phrase on the TV tonight that kind of lodged in my brain: "A conclusion, reached for all the right reasons, but wrong nonetheless." I kind of like it. See, that happens in life sometimes. Sometimes you do all the right things but you just don't get the right result. For instance, you take four right turns but you don't end up back where you started. The logic was correct. It stands that four right turns will take you in a circle. But sometimes there are outside factors, things beyond one's control, that lead to skewed results. Perhaps one of the roads your right-turned down wound around and back on itself in some crazy way. Maybe there was a tunnel or an overpass involved that put you on the next block over. If you didn't know it was coming, there was no way your could account for or avoid it. It happens. But it's okay guys and gals. I've got a phrase for this situation too.
     Back in the day, which was a Wednesday but the way (that little tidbit comes thanks to Dane Cook), at my old job, I was moving into a situation in which I was going to have to make a bunch of decisions. No big deal. But I was understandable nervous. But Blondness always told me "[Mama Lynn (our department head)] will always back you up as long as you have a valid reason and can explain the thinking behind why you did what you did." Does that make sense to you? Do you see the connection there? Fine, I will explain it to you then. But you really should work on your deductive reasoning skills. What, did you get like a 12 on your ACT?
     It's the same deal on both accounts. The end might be wrong, but as long as you were using the right means you were okay. If you had the process right you would be okay in the end. Now, this doesn't work ALL the time. If you are a nuclear scientist or an aerospace engineer, this might not be the right mantra for you. But for most of us it's good. The point here is that we have all made decisions in our life. Sometimes they were the right decision. And sometimes they were the wrong decision. But even if you made the wrong decision in your life if you used the right means, and judged things with appropriate criteria and consideration, then you will be okay. You will be able to sleep at night and you will not be that much worse off for the wear. And you decision will hold a little water when it comes down to it. But if you make snap decisions, or base them on shallow reasoning, then your road is going to be a little bumpier. So even if you are going to make the wrong decision, at least make sure you use the right means. Like, if you are going to sleep with the town bicycle, don't do it because you are drunk and horny. Do it because you are desperate and pissed at your girlfriend. Wait, no, scratch that. If you are going to buy a motorcycle, don't do it to get chicks. Do it because it's better on gas than a car and you rarely have people that ride with you and you live in a warm area. Then, even if your motorcycle ends up being a bad investment at least you bought it for the right reasons. Yeah, that one was better. Motorcycles are cool!

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Mikealicious said...

You are wise beyond your years. These are words that I need to start living by.