Friday, January 30, 2009

Let's Get Plowed: Update

Someone at the city Department of Public Works must be an avid reader of Big Dave and Company because yesterday it snowed a paltry 2 inches and then last night I was awoken at 3:30 am by what I thought was a train crashing through my building and I realized that it was the city clearing the snow out of the street. They came through with the big Caterpillars and plowed all the snow into the middle of the street and then came through with the Caterpillar with the giant snowblower and blew it into dump trucks and hauled it away. That how it's supposed to be done. Nice and easy at 4 am. I would rather be woken up by that than to wake up to the sight of them doing the ineffective snow removal tango that takes 5 hours at 7 am. Thanks guys.


Anonymous said...

did you use the label "Argentina" because of the words "snow removal tango"?

Big Dave said...

Well Anonymous, I used the tag Argentina for this post because I used it for the original post "Let's Get Plowed." I used it there because I spoke of drunken Argentine men doing the snow removal tango, you are correct. That being said, I wouldn't have used it for that small reference if it hadn't already been used somewhere else along the way. I just found it on my list of existing categories. Thanks for reading!