Monday, January 26, 2009

The Day in Pictures

I had nothing for you today.  Nothing whatsoever.  This is not an unusual situation.  I sort of wanted to talk about Rod Blagojavich and how he needs to be quiet because every time he opens his mouth something more and more ridiculous comes out, but I don't do politics because that is the most divisive subject known to man.  So no good.  I sort of wanted to talk about Stephon Marbury and how he needs to be quiet for a while but I try not to talk about sports because, even though I loves me some sports, I know that many of you do not.  And it's all about the readers, right?  So no go for that either.  So I did what I always do when I don't know what to tell you; I hit the Internet to find something.  And one of my favorite stomping grounds is the BBC.  Well, today, even they did not have anything great to inspire me, so inspired myself.  So what I am going to do today is take each of the pictures in the BBC's "Day in Pictures" feature and put them here with funny captions for you to read.  If you want to know what's really going on in the pictures, go check out the BBC News website.  So here they are, 1 through 8, in the same order the BBC posted them. And if you have better suggestions for captions please just leave them in the comments.  How do you feel about that?

A guest on Hardball with Chris Matthews prepares for an epic shouting match with the host.

I can't believe that kid emptied a whole can of Silly String on me!

It's bad enough that this is the most boring movie ever, but now someone in the front row has to stand up and block the screen?

I will NOT stop for directions, I can see where we are going just fine.  I am sure that Greenland is right around the next bend.

Another unfortunate bystander falls victim to the vicious "Venus Flower Trap."

Proving that they are the same as the police in every major world city, Pakistani police in Quetta prove that they are willing to proceed right by an emergency situation in a minority neighborhood.

Ferries race past the Sydney Opera House in celebration of Australia Day.  Unfortunately, none of the passengers on these lines will actually reach their destination.

Thousands of Indians ritually bathe in order to offer their prayers to the Sun god on the most overcast and foggy day in the history of the world.

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