Sunday, January 18, 2009

Broken: Dresser

     Big Dave has had a rough start to his 2009.  So as part of our January Special Promotion, we are going to look at a few of the things that have broken under his hand or gone wrong on his watch.  Today we look at his dresser.

     I have had the same dresser since as long as I can remember.  It came from a bedroom set that my father had when he was a young man.  There was a bed, a dresser, and like a bureau with a couple of mirrors.  Well, by the time I came along there was nothing left of the bureau, but I inherited the bed and the dresser.  The bed, long used the hardest, broke and was disposed of long ago.  But the dresser remains.  It is consistently one of the most bulky and cumbersome things that I have to move when I change location, and it has seen more than it's fair share of scratches.  Some of the decorative woodwork has been lost over time but it's always been a sturdy companion, watching me while I do whatever I am doing in my bedroom.  And I watch it sometimes too, but mainly because my TV is usually perched on top of it.
     Well, as most dressers are, mine is filled with clothes.  You know, socks, underoos, pants, etc.  But, unlike many dressers, mine doesn't get a lot of use.  See, I am a boy.  A bachelor boy.  So 1.) I wear the same 4 sets of clothes over and over and over and 2.) I hate doing laundry, and I hate putting it away even more.  I usually just live out of my laundry basket like it's a suitcase and I am a traveling salesman.  Dirty clothes go on the floor, which if you think about it is really just a huge shelf that goes from wall to wall.  So that's how I live.  But every once in a while there is a radical shift in the way one does things.  Like maybe you get a live-in girlfriend and so you lie naked on the couch and scratch yourself anymore.  Well, there was a change recently, and for whatever reason I decided to put my clothes away for a change.
     So I went to my laundry basket and started pulling out the stuff.  When it came time to stash my socks and skivvies, I grabbed the metal handle that had been installed by the manufacturer of the dresser all those years ago, and I pulled on it.  The drawer sort of opened.  The drawer did not slide out as designed, but the front ripped off in my hand.  Does that count?
     And it didn't so much just break off as it ripped off some pieces of wood along with it.  The main breaking was of a mortar and tenon joint that just let go, whether it being because of the extreme dryness of the air, or the extreme cold, or maybe just the age.  But some other small bits of wood took the liberty of ripping themselves off as well.  Fantastic.  
     I have tried to fix this.  Every night I have glued a little bit of this back together, piece by piece.  All I have left to contend with is the main joint.  And this has been vexing me for a couple of days.  Maybe today I am going to go at it on my day off.  It's going to take a lot of patience, a little ingenuity, and probably a lot of swearing.  But I will get it done.  Just in time for the same joint on the other side to break.


SandRiverGuy said...

you should probably glue it before the other S.O.B breaks on you. thats right nip it in the joint before it nips your ass

bankingplanes said...

You should take it as a sign! A sign that keeping your clothes in baskets and on the floor is the only way to go my man! :-)