Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thanks and Apologies

     Two things for you today, kids. Thanks and apologies. But, true to form we are going to go in reverse order.
     First off, we here at Big Dave and Company would like to sincerely apologize for the service outage yesterday. If you were using something other than Windows Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox you probably got in just fine, proving once again why I love my Mac. Anyway, the problem is all fixed now so you should be up and running. And just to prove that point I posted today from a PC running Internet Explorer. Take that, establishment.
     The reason that we are up and running is because of the great people at Blogger. There are two groups of people at Blogger, who hosts Big Dave and Company, that I love but that don't get as much credit as they deserve. The first group is the people at Blogger who work so very hard to write all the code and make all the cool gadgets that you see and all the easy-to-use interfaces that I see. They really do a bang-up job at what they do and honestly, from my end, I see the amazing things that they do that allow me to do the far short of amazing things that I do. So kudos to them because even when the amazing things that they do don't work correctly, they do a fantastic job of fixing things. If you cruise through the known problems on the Blogger Help sections there is a laundry list of known problems, and 85% they have already fixed. The ones that aren't fixed are generally cosmetic things, or extremely new things that they just haven't conquered as of yet. They are terrific at prioritizing what needs to be done when and keeping the large majority of people happy.
     The one thing that does bug me about the Blogger Help sections though is that they don't really suit my fancy. I want to be able to type out an e-mail or call a phone number and have someone either fix it for me or give me step-by-steps on how to do it like I am a civilian disarming a bomb that MacGyver has to talk through it on one of those impossibly large early-80's walkie-talkies. "Now cut the green wire Dave, and remember, even though you are a troubled loner that gets made fun of by the other kids at school, I will still be your friend because you have good morals and adore my flying mullet as much as I do." That kind of thing. That's what I want. But you see, I can't get that from Blogger Help and I understand. Blogger has a daunting task. They have millions and millions of people of all different skill levels trying to create all sorts of different stuff using all sorts of different services. So there is no way that they can take specific calls or e-mails from every Tom, Jane, and Patsy who can't get their colors right or can't get stuff to indent correctly or can't their pretty pony pictures to post right in the middle of their blog. They would be inundated in like 17 seconds and it would probably crash the Internet forever. Then Al Gore would be pissed. So I understand why they can't give me individualized help and why I have to surf through post after post after post in the Blogger Help Group to find answers to my problems. But the people that give the answers are my second favorite group of unheralded blogosphere heroes.
     Now, when I say second, Company, I don't mean that they are like my #2 favorite. I don't mean that I like the Blogger code people more or anything, I just mean that they are the second of my favorite groups that we are going to talk about. And they are the Blogger Help Group people. I am not exactly sure how they work but as far as I can tell they are either private citizens who know a shit ton about working with Blogs or they are Blogger employees whose job it is to patrol the help groups and answer questions, but they are a Godsend. They hang out and just answer people's questions and fix people's problems. They are like the Lone Rangers of the blogosphere, and when your wagon train is in peril they inevitably come galloping in and get you back started again. It's pretty cool. There is rarely a problem that they haven't seen before or can't come up with a creative solution for. And they are the ones who helped me with my little service interruption problem from yesterday. To big thanks to them and all they do. I have consulted with them more than one time and quite frankly, they are fantastic.
     So big thanks from Big Dave and Company to all those who work behind the scenes to help make Big Dave and Company work and run. You guys all do a terrific job and none of us would be able to do what we do without you. And while I don't like finding myself apologizing for service outages and glitches on your end it happens so very rarely that I can't and won't be mad. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

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