Monday, December 01, 2008

The Start of the Christmas Season

     Good news, Company!  It's December 1st.  The Christmas season can officially begin!
     I am, have always been, and will always be, a staunch believer that Christmas is out of control.  There were some stores that had their Christmas stuff out right after Halloween.  Some radio stations were broadcasting Christmas music in the middle of November.  No.  Stop it.  Knock it off right now.  Christmas should not begin until December 1st.  And since it's December 1st it can begin.
     Actually, as a rule, I usually refuse to participate in Christmas before the start of December.  I will not decorate.  I will not shop.  The tree will not go up.  Nothing.  If Christmas music comes on my radio I will change the station.  In fact, I can only take about two days of Christmas music.  If it's not Christmas Eve or Christmas Day I won't deal with it.  That's just the way I am.  But I am also an understanding person.  So usually I don't make a peep when people start on Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.  Black Sunday and all that jazz is fine.  I won't crusade against that.  I just refuse to participate.  Think of it more as passive resistance.  Gandhi would be proud; Rambo less so.  But I just do my little part.
     Now settle down.  No need to Bah Humbug me Company.  I am not anti-Christmas.  I like it well enough.  I put up a tree.  I string up lights.  I put the butt-ugly Santa that I got from Helenocious up on my door just to prove her wrong.  I even came home from the hospital in a stocking when I was a little baby (true story!)  So I am in the spirit.  But I am in the spirit at an appropriate level at appropriate times.  I don't need to be putting up wreaths on Oct 20.  That's not right.  That's psychotic behavior.  Nobody is hiding Easter eggs the day after Valentine's, are they?  No, because that's messed up.  If you started lighting off fireworks and hanging bunting for Independence Day on Ash Wednesday people would think you should be wearing a helmet.  So then why is it perfectly okay to be participating in Christmas in November, that's all I am saying.
     So anyway, it's December now so it's a mute point.  I can be part of the festivities now.  So break out the yule log, the mistletoe, the advent calendar, the stockings, the wreaths, the wrapping paper, the credit card bills, the tree, the lights, the whole shebang.  I will gladly jump in with both feet, just not in November.  That is not unreasonable I don't think.  But now it's on and I'd better get moving.  The holidays are coming. 

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