Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hotties From the Past

     I am sorry female Company, but I am going to talk about hot girls for a minute.  Well, a whole day probably since I post once a day.  Please bear with me, I have to be a boy once in a while.  But anyway, I have been watching a lot of older TV and movies lately for some reason and that has led me to this.  Here are some chicks from back in the day that were smoking hot.  So let's begin, shall we?

- Sally Field.  Oh yeah.  She's one of the ladies that inspired me to write this.  Have you ever seen Smoky and the Bandit?  She is amazing in it.  At some points she is so cute I just to set her on a shelf so I can just look at her every day as I wander around the house.  And at some points she is a total dirty vixen.  It helps that there is a lot of sexual innuendo, especially for a movie rated PG.  Plus, she ended up hooking up with Burt Reynolds eventually so there is a neat chemistry and spark there.  LOVE IT!  She even looked good when she was in Mrs. Doubtfire.  I am not sure about her as Gidget but she made up for all that stuff with the Smokey and the Bandit business.  And how!  Truthfully though, she has aged really well, and what more can you ask than that?

- Mary Tyler Moore.   Highly underrated.  She was hot on The Mary Tyler Moore Show for sure but I totally got hooked on her from watching The Dick Van Dyke Show.  Either way I think I might be in love.  Whether she's throwing her hat in the air in the middle of a Minneapolis intersection or helping Dick to his feet after he has tripped over the ottoman for the umpteenth time, she does it with style, grace, and very tight outfits.  Perfect.  I mean, now I could do without her but back then she was prime.  And that is how she will always be in my mind.

- Beverly d'Angelo.  You know, the mom from the movie National Lampoon's Vacation.  And National Lampoon's European Vacation.  And National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation.  And...well, you get the point.  She was Mrs. Clark W. Griswold. How lucky was he?  Those movies made me want to be a bumbling idiot in big plastic glasses if it was going to get me a wife like that.  She had to go through all those ridiculous adventures and she was still deeply in love with Clark.  Which shows that was dumb too.  Perfect for me.  Just kidding.  But still, she was great.  How does Chevy Chase always make out?

- Priscilla Barnes.  She played Terri on Three's Company.  After Suzanne Somers left she had to be replaced so a succession of pretty blondes were brought through.  Pricilla was by far my favorite.  She was terribly pretty and had the longest legs I have ever seen.  The short shorts she was constantly wearing didn't hurt either, you know what I mean?  I would have played gay to live with her too and I would have tirelessly hit on her as well.  I don't blame Jack, there was no other course of action.  I'd go crazy living with a girl as hot as her, especially if I couldn't have her.  Sigh.

- Dawn Wells.  She played Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island.  Everyone knows about the debate between those who prefer Ginger vs. Mary Ann.  And either way I am fine.  But I always preferred Mary Ann because she had an understated, everyday girl sort of hotness to her.  She wasn't a dolled up vixen that one would exalt.  Mary Ann was the kind of hot that you wanted to wake up next to every day for the next 60 years, Ginger would have been too much work.  She lived at the corner of Bangher and Leaveher in my mind if you know what I mean.  And sure, Dawn got caught later in life littering and, littering and, littering and...smoking the reefer (sorry, I had a Super Troopers moment there) but she was still hot.  And smoking.  Literally smoking.  And she turned in one of the most entertaining mug shots since Nick Nolte, so she should get points for that too.  And she does.

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BigE said...

"the corner of Bangher and Leaveher". Classic, nice one Dave.