Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Big Dave and Company Staff Favorites

Hello kids, Big Dave here. I came to the sudden and stark realization the other day that while many of you have been following Big Dave and Company since the beginning of time immortal, or at least since March when we began this business, many of you have also been more recent additions to The Company. Now, I strongly encourage all of you to peruse the Filing Cabinet down the left side in lieu of going outside or doing any real work, but I realize that it is a somewhat daunting task. So I went around to the editorial staff here at Big Dave and Company and we've put together a list of staff favorites that you really should see. We've even taken the liberty of paring it down to one or two from each month. How's that for customer service?

- The 100 Best Vacations to Enrich Your Life Written about the book that Big Dave was reading at the time, this post set the precedent for what people could expect out of Big Dave and Company. It manages to give the book praise while simultaneously cutting it down. Well, not all of it. Just the specific vacations out of the 100 that raised our eyebrows, but in that bad quizzical way that always looks totally over the top.

- So You're A Lazy Sack of Shit Helpful hints from Big Dave and Company on how to be, well, not so much a productive member of society but more someone who doesn't need to be shipped off to a desert island to rot alone anymore. It was inspired by a former co-worker, who shall remain nameless. Just like everyone else. But this post set the precedent for the venom-filled rants that make people laugh, cringe, and wet themselves all at the same time.

- My Encounter With the White Shirts Caffeine-fueled imagination run wild.

- The Salt Book Saga Oh my. This all began with a rather innocent and well-intentioned comment from the Dingo and reached a chaotic resolution on the day we moved The Big Dave and Company Worldwide Headquarters. Not in the way I wanted it to maybe, but in a very touching and satisfying way nonetheless. It was also the longest running segment that Big Dave and Company has done. There were many posts involved with these shenanigans and they are listen in chronological order below.

- Peg-a-saurus Rex and the Stuffed Beaver Peg-a-saurus Rex is a wonderful person and has been one of the most ardent supporters of Big Dave and Company from Day One. So when she received a stuffed beaver for Mother's Day from a friendly local Native American casino, hilarity ensued. This was voted as the fan favorite at the Big Dave and Company 50th Post Spectacular. It was also the first and only post to surpass the 10 comment mark so far.

- Living with the BVM The neighbors and the landlords decided to erect statures of the the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) at roughly the same time. Being a wild and crazy Catholic bachelor, you can imagine the effect it had. Along with the Salt Book Saga, this is one of the longest running series on Big Dave and Company. The posts are listed chronologically below.

- txt msg hell We here at Big Dave and Company hate people who use text message or IM speak when typing. And we let you know. This post is short but took over an hour to write. Stick that in your craw.

- The Wedding In August, The Reverend Big Dave performed a wedding. It did not go well.

- At the beginning of September we moved our Worldwide Headquarters and gave everyone a tour of our new facility.

- The Tyler Burke Experience Everyone at Big Dave and Company was very excited about the impending arrival of the immortal Tyler Burke. Unfortunately it was a deeply unsettling experience.

- The First Snow of the Year The first snow of the year fell at the Worldwide Headquarters and things went a little haywire. We may have gone a little over the top but that is very much in the tradition of Big Dave and Company

- An Open Letter to the Laundromat Owners in My Town We took some umbrage to the business practices of the local laundromat mafia, and it resulted in a classic Big Dave and Company rant that I think might have actually scared a few people.

So there you go Company, a short list of some of the best posts and moments in Big Dave and Company history according to our editorial staff. We hope that you enjoy them as you click on the copious amount of links above. But we also encourage you to rifle around The Filing Cabinet on your own so you can find your own favorites. Thank you tons and keep on reading!

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