Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

     It's Veteran's Day everyone, so the first thing you should do is go out and hug your friendly local veteran. Thank them and their family (the family will probably be the ones attempting to dislodge you from the veteran) for the sacrifices that they have made. Because military service is as hard on the families and loved ones as it is on the person in military. So go do that first thing in the morning. Pretend it's your morning coffee, or the Pledge of Allegiance if you are an elementary school child.
     What I really love about Veteran's Day are communities that have a Veteran's Day parade. No, I am serious, I love it. Any excuse for a parade is a good one but this is a great one. Because there are few things in this world that are better than riding on the back of open convertibles or throwing candy at people. And in a parade you get to do both of those things. But the reason that I love Veteran's Day Parade is because it is almost more like a military review because most of the veterans who are still able choose to march. The World War II veterans, and God knows there aren't many of them left, usually can't walk so well anymore so they get to ride on something. Think about it, if you were 20 when you went off to Europe or the Pacific, you'd be 83 now. So you deserve to ride on the back of a Ford Falcon at 2 mph down a small town street. But most of the other guys still march and I love it.
     I do! They come down the street in groups, each with a color bearer and in full dress uniform. First the guys from Korea, then Vietnam, then the guy who served in Grenada, then Desert Storm, then Bosnia, then Afghanistan, then the veterans from the current Iraq War, all in lock-step, waving to the townspeople...it's great. I am serious. We just a head of state and a bunch of tanks away from a military review.
     On the level though, we should honor veterans for what they have done. They should have the opportunity to have all the traffic stopped on Main St. and the whole town turn out to cheer them. That is only right. I just wish that Veteran's Day was in the summer so it was nice when they had their parade. I think they deserve that too. But they deserve something, so make sure that you thank them and note what they have done. Without them you wouldn't have the opportunity to. Think about it.

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