Monday, November 24, 2008

Time for Rhyme

Why do we celebrate
All things that rhyme?
They cause us to smile
Time after time after time

Most times they are lame
Not funny at all.
Yet people still love them
Drive me up the wall

The rhymes are as bad
As a "k" for a "c"
Or as people who end words
Not with "s" but with "z"

These things are not cool.
These things are not "tight"
To not stab my face off
Takes all of my might

So what do we do
With all these lame rhymes?
Can we charge their creators
With capital crimes?

Or string them way up
In the highest of tree
Covered in honey
And watch them with glee

As the red ants march up them
Or along comes a bear
To investigate honey
While the guilty hangs there?

Can we make this a statute?
Can a law come of it?
For I don't much like rhyming
I don't like it a bit.

So let's put wheels in motion
And do what we must do.
For these rhymes can't continue.
Saw that on the 'Net.
So it then must be true.

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