Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ten Reasons Why You Did That

As part of our "Ten Lists in Ten Days" special feature, we here at Big Dave and Company are bringing you ten different helpful and/or informative lists on each of the first ten days of November.

1.)  Deep, irrational hatred towards everyone in the Department of Public Works.

2.)  Because you were way too much into the Grateful Dead when you were nine.  That's not healthy.

3.)  That bag of microwave popcorn scaled you with it's hot steam of hatred.  It deserved it.

4.)  Stop signs with a white outline are optional where you come from.

5.)  To further the revolution of the proletariat.  Duh.

6.)  Let's face it, there is no way Snoopy will ever catch the Red Baron.  He is trying to fly a doghouse for Christ's sake!

7.)  Because Bob Hope is a sellout.

8.)  Just the Ten of Us was taken off air long before it needed to be.  That show had years of story line left in it!

9.)  Don't worry, nobody knew who was French Stewart and who was Joseph Gordon Levitt on Third Rock From the Sun.

10.)  All you really want is for the damn NASCAR cars to go counterclockwise JUST ONE DAMN TIME!

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