Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ten Fun Things to Do on Election Day

As part of our "Ten Lists in Ten Days" special feature, we at Big Dave and Company are bringing you ten different helpful and/or informative lists on each of the first ten days of November.

1.) Make outrageous claim that Green Party Presidential hopeful Cynthia McKinney is your birth mother.

2.) Ask each person in line if they are ready to "get their vote on!"

3.) Make pilgrimage to wherever Carson Daily is and ask him to sign your Rock The Vote t-shirt from the 2000 election.

4.) Plow your vehicle into a crowded polling station. Then, when the police arrest you explain that you are pro-monarchy and wanted visibility for your cause.

5.) Cast your vote wearing nothing but a couple pieces of strategically placed bunting.

6.) Convince all of your friends to put "Seamus McNasty" down as a write-in candidate.

7.) Try to vote for Al Gore, but accidentally vote for a third party candidate because you are an elderly, Jewish voter in Palm Beach County, Florida.

8.) Hang a mistletoe over the front of the line and then attempt to kiss every single person who comes under it. Even Bruiser, the muscled biker guy from the wrong side of the tracks.

9.) Show up right as the polls close, pitch a tent on the sidewalk, and proclaim that you want to be first in line for Election 2012.

10.) Walk up to the exit pole worker, and whisper in his ear like that creepy girl in the movie..."I'll never tell." and run away screaming.

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