Friday, October 17, 2008

A Visit From The Ladies

     The other day, Monday night to be specific for all of you and your insatiable need for detail, I got a phone call from the Peg-a-saurus Rex. Now, this is not an uncommon thing. Not by a long shot. But what she had to say to me was shocking and uncommon to say the least.
     Peg-a-saurus Rex was calling to ask what I was doing the next night. For those of you who are not familiar with the Gregorian calendar, the next night would have been Tuesday. Well, I had nothing on my plate except laundry (laundry which is still not done by the way), and that is always expendable unless I am out of skivvies. So I tell the Peg-a-saurus Rex that I am free and available. That is when she informs me that she and my Mom-Away-From-Mom were going to take me out to dinner.
     Normally this would not be strange. Except that now they live a couple hundred miles away. Understandably I was confused. But that is what she was telling me. She had my cell phone number already and I took the extraordinary step of relating my work number to her in case the ladies had any sort of trouble along the way. And off we went, waiting until Tuesday came.
So Tuesday came. And Tuesday was the day of The Tyler Burke Experience so as you could imagine, I was busy all day long. But I was listening for the phone. It never rang. Neither did my cell. So I assumed that everything was cool. The end of the work day came and I skated off and got sidetracked at Mikealicious' house. It was almost 4:30 pm before my cell phone went off. It was Ma. What she told me was utterly shocking...that she was sitting in the parking lot of my work with the Peg-a-saurus Rex waiting for me. As it turns out, this was the end of a long odessy that was beyond anything that anyone had ever been involved in. Well, that might be stretching things a bit but that it was still pretty fantastical.
     I don't know how fast Ma was driving but they apparently got to town somewhat early. Because as the evening wore on I discovered that they had time to tool around and see what there was to see. I also found out that they had been wandering the halls at work for God-knows how long. This was probably the most amazing part to me. Because the outside doors are supposed to be closed at 4 pm. And I left at 4 pm. So I know that they weren't inside by then. I don't know if they came in as someone else escaped, or if someone forgot to lock the doors or what. But what they were faced with once they got inside was a series of locked office doors. So they were free to roam a series of hallways: FANTASTIC! But there was nowhere that they could get to. Nowhere fun in any event. So that is where they were while I was at Mikealicious' house. They were roaming around my work. And they would have been staying around the courthouse, the jail more specifically, if they had not been more careful.
     Yes, that is correct. The ladies had a run-in with our friendly local law enforcement. NOt a bad run-in. They weren't being harrassed or anything. And they themselves were not being belligerent, or at least I would hope not. But here is the deal. They managed to make a very much illegal right turn at an intersection that is admittedly a terribly intersection. I have to use that on a regular basis and it took two days of me travelling through and around it roughly six times a day to get it into my head what I could or could not do. So I am understanding. And I believe that the sherrif that pulled them over knew it and was understanding too. Because he let them go with a warning. But still, ladies, let's not become felons in my new town.
     All in all though it was a throughly enjoyable evening. We had a nice dinner, had some of our patented good conversation. It was really nice and touching to have people come to visit me, I'm not going to lie. And when they started listing the names of other people who wanted to come too I was just about overwhelmed. So it was nice. And it was especially nice that I didn't have to bail them out of jail. And that's on the Internet, so it must be true.


David Nathaniel said...

you should of had the ladies go fight the army of deer and the bike stealer. You know them they woulda kicked butt. well it was a thought.

pegaurus Rex said...

Well, thanks for the thought DN, Carol and I would have kicked "A" if Dave wanted us to. We really enjoyed our visit and plan others maybe with a whole group...The Pegasaurus Rex!!!!