Friday, October 24, 2008

Taking on the Enemy

Okay, seriously, I am still not a Blogger Blog of Note. And I don't understand. So like a mean and spiteful high school girl who can't get a date to the prom, it is time for me to cut down the competition. So lets get started.
Cooking for Engineers. Okay, how many people are interested in this blog. Show of hands? Yeah, that's what I thought. So why is it a Blog of Note? First of all, if you are an engineer, and you have an engineers mind, a careful, precise, measuring mind, you shouldn't be cooking. You should be baking. Baking is the field where it matters how much baking powder you add for each ounce of buttermilk. Baking is where it matters exactly how much flour you use. Cooking is for the free spirit. Cooking is for those who like to live by the seat of their pants. Baking is for guys in narrow ties and starched white shirts, cooking is for hippies. If this blog was called "Baking for Engineers" then I wouldn't have a problem with it being a Blog of Note, but it's not. It's "Cooking for Engineers." So it's on my hit list.
Linda's Bees. Okay, so this one is a real bee in my bonet. Pun defninitely intended. By looking at it one can tell that Linda works very hard on her blog. WAY harder than I will ever work. And what she is doing I guess is kind of cool. I mean, she is chronicling her foray into beekeeping. The problem is that beekeeping isn't all that interesting. I mean, a half-hour Discovery Channel special? Yeah, I'm in. But a three-year-long running weblog. Gag me with a spoon. I think the thing that really gets me going about Linda's Bees is that before she became a Blog of Note she was getting 350 hits a day. That's more that I get in a month if you INCLUDE all the times I hit the site while I am putting it together. After she became a Blog of Note she got FOUR THOUSAND hits in one day. That's what I am talking about. Linda, it's nothing personal. It's pure, unadulterated jealousy.
OK Go. OK Go has a Blog? That's cool. Not surprising but it's cool. Here is my issue with this. OK Go had that super sweet video for the song "Here It Goes Again" where they did that awesome choreographed dance routine on the treadmills. You remember that? I do, it was awesome. Their song was pretty good too, it's on my iPod. I even paid for it. But the point here is that they are already a famous rock band and they don't need the boost that comes with being a Blog of Note. Rock on guys, but seriously, you are already famous. Leave the being a Blog of Note to those of us who are desperately clawing to become like you are.
CompuDent News. I didn't even read this blog. It appears to be some sort of company website where imformation about computers and software and other things like that are disseminated to the public. I don't know which members of the public it is intended for, but I would assume that there are some pretty good pointers and tidbits in there. Good pointers and tidbits, yes, but ultimately nothing that you can't find somewhere else on the Internet. You won't find all of the inner workings of my life and mind splattered about the Internet. All of that is concentrated in one tiny little corner of cyberspace at Big Dave and Company. Think about that. Oh, and one more thing, all that stuff is on the Internet, so it must all be true.

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