Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sometimes I Just Don't Get It

     I had a problem with this guy from the start.  Well, that's not true.  He was actually quite polite and understanding despite not knowing quite what he was getting into.  So I guess I didn't have a problem with him so much as his situation.  And what he was doing.  So I guess that I will give him a pass on being a good person.
     But here's the deal.  He was looking to build something on this property that he didn't own yet.  Fine.  That's my first problem.  He told me very early on that he did not own the property, but that he was renting it with an option to buy.  Not necessarily my cup of tea, but if that's what he wanted then that's fine.  So he had this property that was not yet his but it was going to be his if he kept up on his payments.  That is fine.  But don't keep telling me that you just bought this house.  Because you haven't bought anything.  You are renting this house.  You will buy it later.  Some other guy owns it right now.  And I don't care if he says it's fine that you build the addition to the garage; I am still going to need his signature on some papers.  Please sir, don't try to sign them yourself, it's not your property.  NO YOU DID NOT JUST BUY THIS HOUSE!  God, you don't even have a land contract on it.  I checked.  Your name appears nowhere on the deed.  I checked on that too.  What you have is some sort of rent-to-own contract with that guy.  You yourself told me that you aren't going to transfer the deed to your name until after your bankruptcy goes through.  Which brings me to my second problem.
     If you are building an addition to a garage that you just sort of bought to house your boat and jet skis and snowmobiles and ATV, then you are not bankrupt.  Also, I am guessing that when you and your google-eye girlfriend (who was also nice and whom I am terrible for singling out) left my office and got into a pretty new and expensive truck.  Yep, you sound awfully bankrupt.  Okay, I feel bad for you that your ex-wife took you through the ringer.  But you don't seem like you've come out of this all too badly.  Yeah, your ex got the house in Illinois, and probably a huge chunk of alimony, maybe some child support.  But you've managed to move to the town you've loved to vacation in for years.  You've managed to get your hands on some sort of house.  And you still have a car.  And you still have a snowmobile.  And you still have a boat.  So if I do the math that says to me that you are not bankrupt.  It seems to me that if you were going bankrupt you would first sell the truck, the snowmobile, the boat, the hair plugs; you wouldn't be buying or renting or doing anything with any sort of real estate.  And you certainly wouldn't be putting up additions.  And since you were in my office at 2 pm on a Wednesday, I am guessing that you probably don't have a job, unless you are a bartender or nighttime security guard at the repossessed marina in town.  So perhaps you should get one of those to start with.  
     I don't know if I was just raised differently but that is how I would go about things.  If I was facing bankruptcy I would be driving a 1977 Ford Pinto, living in a one-room apartment with only a mini-fridge that was down the street from an industrial park and working a night job at Burger King to supplement my day job at Kroger and to pay off my creditors and ex-wife.  But that's just me.  And I guess that I can't blame the guy.  Because my version sucks.  It sucks hard.  Oh wait, sorry.  It sucks TO THE MAX!  And why should I be part of that misery when I could just call myself bankrupt to deprive my ex of getting any alimony but still get to keep all my shit because it's in Google-eye's name.  That is way easier and more fun.  I just hope that Google-eye isn't an opportunistic gold-digger who is going to abscond to Nevada with all your shit in tow.  I mean, there is no way that could happen.  She's not anything like your ex-wife dude,I trust me.  I can tell by the way she looks at both of us at the same time no matter where she is standing.  And no, it's not people like you, engaging in financial practices like that, that are causing the Dow Jones Industrial Average to plunge like the neckline on a Jennifer Lopez Oscar gown.  
     But who am I to say anything.  I mean, I am just a lame loser who doesn't own a snowmobile or have any sort of rent-to-own contract.  And I don't have a google-eye girl or any girl on my arm.  And I am like you.  I have a little bit of debt.  Credit cards.  A car loan.  But I am tightening my belt to get that stuff paid off.  I am not overextending myself into bankruptcy then extending myself more and taking everyone down with me.  But that's just me.  
     So anyway Mister, go out and get the owners signature.  I don't care that you have scheduled masons to pour the slab on Friday.  You should have checked with me first.  Go get your signature and then I will let you go ahead and build your debt garage.  On the property that is not really yours.  To store all your ill-kept goods.  Enjoy that.  But I am going to enjoy sleeping at night more.

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Some people are just dumb.