Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Love Affair With AM Radio

     I was wandering about town the other night, the night that I defeated Bike Guy actually, and I was trying to listen to the World Series Game ONe between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays.  But I was running into obstacles, the largest of which was that there was no radio station in town airing it.  Yeah, none.  I know that ESPN Radio had it but the ESPN station that serves my area chose not to partake.  Uncool.  So I did what any nerdy American boy would do.  I hit the AM radio dial.
     Yeah, you read that right.  I know that I am a dorky nerd but I love AM radio, especially at night.  Because the cool thing is that AM radio waves travel better through the atmosphere at night, so you can hear radio stations from all over the place.  Just the other night, on my cheap little knock-off Walkman, I heard a radio station from Montreal, Quebec giving me restaurant ads and the local news in French, KDKA out of Pittsburgh, and more different hockey games than I care to admit.  I also heard bits and pieces of the World Series on stations from the Twin Cities, Iowa, Cleveland and Port Huron, MI.  No lie.  Sometimes in my bedroom I can listen to stations from Denver and Cincinnati.  And I can always pick up the stations out of Milwaukee and Chicago. 
     This, I feel is intensely cool.  And I think that there is something amazing about hearing the Chicago traffic report detailing bumper to bumper gridlock on the Dan Ryan at 9 pm while standing utterly alone in the woods of Northern Wisconsin.  Or listening to the St. Louis Rams play on the station from St. Louis.  
    I know, I am boring you.  So I am going to stop now.  But I just think it's cool.  I love AM radio as much as I love the CBC.  And that is on the Internet, so it must be true.

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