Friday, October 03, 2008

The Look: Update!

     So today, as I walked through a residential neighborhood on my way from my work to the post office I came to a corner where two men and some sort of pre-teen were unloading shingles off a Menards truck to deliver to a home.  No big deal.  As I finish crossing the street and get my first step up onto the sidewalk a car with two elderly gentlemen pulled to the stop sign.  The man in the passenger seat looked at the Menards guys and myself (which, by the way, again dressed in business clothes) he locks his car door.  He tried to do it all sly-like, but I still saw him.  What's with that?  Then, as the car begins to pull away from the stop sign he unlocks it.  
    Okay, here is the deal.  None of us were going to carjack you, old guy.  And even if we were going to, you wouldn't have been successful at stopping us.  Because 1.) The other three doors were unlocked.  2.) You opened the lock too quickly.  You should wait until the car is driving fast enough that I can't catch it on foot and then unlock the door. 3.) You are super old and so is the guy driving, you will never get to a speed that I can't catch on foot.  I might have to cut across the yards as you turn the corner, but I will still catch you.  And even if I can't, you are going so slow that I have time to stop, take off my backpack, dig around in it for a pen and paper, and then write down your drivers license, which I will then take to the DMV and get all your name and address info and I will just carjack you tomorrow.  Because everyone that would ever want to carjack you has a crazy friend at the DMV who will rat you out.  And don't you ever forget it.  

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Roxy said...

While you were freaking out the old guy, did u by any chance happen to run into the Cranberry Peg-a-saurus?? Please let me know..Stepmom & I wanted to say hello and we are offering a reward for her whereabouts. . .