Thursday, October 02, 2008

In Living Color

     Company, do all of you remember the show In Living Color?  Just in case you don't here is a little bit of a refresher for you:

     As you can see it's chocked full of Wayanses, or however you say it.   Although he doesn't appear in the above video, I know Marlon was on it for at least a little while.  In fact, I think that every Wayans sibling or cousin or uncle or grandmother or cleaning lady was at one point.  If you were a Wayans, you actually had to appear in at least 5 episodes or you forfeited your right to the family fortune, which is buried somewhere under Keenan Ivory's career.  Kim Coles went on to be famous; but only if you laid on the couch watching Comedy Central at about 1 pm every day in the early 2000s.  Jim Carey was in there, the only white guy, and he went on to become pretty famous, although he had to talk out of his ass first.  Oh, and one of those dancers was J-Lo.  Yeah, it's true!  She's the one in the front.  Or the back.  I'm not sure.  But she's in there, and if you watch closely enough you can actually see her go by.  Watch this next video before you read on:

     That was a sketch from In Living Color.  So all these famous people got their start from In Living Color, right?  Well my question is this: How the hell did that happen?  That show was terrible!
     I mean, seriously, did you watch that skit?  It was awful.  I am not sure how we as a people survived a time when that kind of stuff was considered funny and groundbreaking, but I can tell you that I don't care to go back.  No way, no how.  But it has made me think.  Maybe I am taking the wrong approach in my quest to become famous.  Maybe being a world-famous blogger isn't the way to go to becoming beloved by millions.  Maybe what I should do is hitch my wagon to one of the Wayans kids and I will get famous.  And the nice thing about that is that I will get chance after chance after chance, no matter how awful my shows are.  Look at David Allen Greer.  I mean, he's come up with 417 shows that never should have slipped by the FCC, and yet he still gets more.  Imagine how many chances I would get, because I am way better than he will ever be.  Now if I could just find a show as bad as In Living Color...


SandRiverGuy said...

i say you call it in dead black and white.

Roxy said...

Come on!!!!!
Fire Marshall Bill? Handi Boy? The show was hilarious!! :)