Friday, October 31, 2008


     So it's Halloween today today kids. And you know what that means. Big party on State St. All sorts of tomfoolery with kids running around and being dumb. All sorts of tomfoolery with adults running around being dumb. Children wandering the streets of Middle America all hopped up on suger. Pre-teens snorting Pixy Sticks like they are high dollar coke. Orange and black covering every surface. Bits of pumpkin strewn about the street in front of my dad's house. People dressed like just about everything under the sun. Basically, for one day, our whole country celebrates Carnival. One day that we can just act like we are in Saw V. Or we can go see Saw V.
     The neat thing about Halloween is that for one day, ONE DAY, adults can act like they are children. If you are a little kid and you can go ahead and dress up like a superhero every day. If you are an adult, try to walk into your office dressed like the Green Lantern and not get tackled by the security guard. Try to go to your friendly local PTA meeting dressed like a fairy princess and see if you can get anything accomplished. But on October 31 every year, all bets are off. On Halloween your garbage man could come by to empty the bins dressed like a Harlem Globetrotter. Your dental hygentist could be cleaning your teeth while wearing a Nixon mask. I bet your brother's boss is dressed like Snuffleuphagus. At least I hope he is.
     The other really nice thing about Halloween, especially if you are a kid, is that it is the one day of the year when you can act like a little prick and you won't get in trouble at all. If it was June 3 and I threw an egg at someone's house I'd get my ass pounded. But on October 31, it's cool. See what I mean? It's nutso. But isn't it awesome? You can go around kicking people and they just chalk it up to a prank.  It's great if you are a little kid because anything goes.  And unfortunately, at least in my neighborhood when I was growing up, the kids didn't take advantage of it.  We were never out toilet papering until we were in high school, and then we never did it on Halloween.  We never threw eggs at stuff.  I kind of with we would have.
      So go out and enjoy Halloween, no matter if you are six or sixty.  Don't fret it if you look a little odd, or if the stiffs in the world make fun of you.  Dress up like a dragon.  Dress up like Raggedy Ann.  Dress up like one of those little Dutch kids with the funny hats and wooden shoes.  I don't care just don't be afraid to enjoy the holiday, that's what Halloween is all about.
     It's my sister's birthday today, so make sure you send Happy Birthday wishes out to her.  I know that I do.  
     And that's on the Internet, so it must be true.

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