Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Follower

     For those of you who are regular readers of Big Dave and Company you know that we like to celebrate milestones in our history.  Our first comment.  The first post to get double digit comments.  All that sort of stuff.  Well, today we have another milestone to note.  The first follower.
     Yeah, congratulations Mikealicious.  All the rest of you punks obviously don't pay enough attention to what is going on to be the first follower.  I am just kidding.  But seriously, a couple of weeks ago I placed a neat Blogger widget on my blog that allows me to have followers.  If you are a followers it will let you know about new and exciting posts that I put on Big Dave and Company.  I never said a word I just dropped it in there like a doughnut into hot oil and let it cook.  And Mikealicious was the first one brave enough to sample the doughnut that is being a Big Dave and Company follower.  
    So kudos Mikealicious.  And thank you.  I encourage all of you to go ahead and sign up and become followers because, honestly, it's the cool thing to do.  Seriously.  It's cooler than smoking, drinking, getting your drivers license, shooting dice, and being a clown ALL ROLLED INTO ONE!  So get on it Company, and become a Big Dave and Company Follower.  Officially become part of the Company.  Because I am sure that Mikealicious is lonely there all by himself.  And I am not above calling each and every one of you out by name.  Let's go, or I will never get famous and you will never get to go to Idaho.
     By now I assume that you are thoroughly confused.  And that's okay.  I understand.  So I will get down to the explaining.  First of all let me say to you Little Jeffy that I know you have been to Idaho already and you will probably get to go back regardless of whether or not I get famous.  So just settle down you.  As for the rest of you, you will miss the exciting opportunity to go to Idaho if you don't sign up to be a follower.  Here is the plan.  Big Dave and Company is going to make me famous.  By becoming a follower you help expand my readership and lead me one step closer to fame.  Once I become famous, every Labor Day I am going to fly my helicopter around and pick up all the Company for a massive Labor Day party at my Idaho compound.  If you don't sign up to be a follower how am I supposed to know to send the helicopter to your place?  That's the long and short of it.
    So do you follow, Company?  It's a pretty easy daisy chain to follow down.  If you sign up to be a follower of Big Dave and Company you will receive a free trip to Idaho.  Easy as pie.  If you don't ever want to go to Idaho and enjoy the splendor that will be my mountaintop compound then don't sign up.  Sign up and you can see how I am going to have the top of a mountain sheered off and a compound built in its place.  Seriously, become an official part of The Company and you get a free trip to Idaho with at least me and Mikealicious.  And that's on the Internet so it must be true.

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KingBobb said...

I gotta tell ya, other than potatos, sagebrush, and yawning chasms that are hidden by the landscape until you fall into them.......Idaho is no great shakes anyway. I have yet to even see a t-shirt saying "Idaho? No, you da ho." So unless those are going to be handed out in the helicopter, I'm not interested anyway.