Monday, October 20, 2008

A Day In The Life of Big Dave

     Company, I am acutely aware that you have always wanted to get a peek into what a day in my life is like.  But honestly, you should stop pining.  It is not that great.  I am not quite a big enough celebrity to get any sort of red carpet treatment, and that's okay.  But every once in a while something interesting happens as I meander along in my daily life.  And today was a pretty interesting day.  So here, for you, so you can settle down, is a list of things that happened to me today, in no particular order.

- I opened a bank account.  Actually, I opened two of them.  It's not like I have so much money that I can't fit it in one account.  It's not like my cash reserves are so overflowing that they will fill up the bank vaults or anything.  One was a checking and one was a savings.  Again, it's not like I really have anything to put in savings but I like to have a little bit in there for overdraft protection and whatnot.  Plus, it gains interest and that is never a bad thing.  Actually, I was quite happy to get them opened up and running.  That was the second to last major thing I had to do since moving The Worldwide Headquarters and it was weighing on me.  The main problem was that most banks in this town are open exactly the same hours that I am at work.  And their Saturday hours are for the drive-thru only.  And it's generally not socially acceptable to open accounts in the drive-thru.  It's a sad situation but it is true.
- I found out my credit score.  I have never checked on it before.  I know some people who check it religiously but I do not. can bite me.  So when the lady at the bank told me that they would have to do a credit check on me before they could give me a check card I was a little bit thrown.  I was waiting for bad results.  I was waiting for her to have to explain credit-related issues to me like I was a small child being explained why it is not okay to eat Play-Doh.  But she did not.  She pulled off the paper and said "You think that is bad?"  She didn't seem to think it was bad.  I still did but that's okay.  I am still going to try to clean it up a little bit.  But I got my debit/ATM card.  So all is well in my world.
- My boss caught me with my feet up on my desk.  Oops.  I was hanging out with some of the deputies, with only about an hour left of work.  We were talking about whatever, and I was leaning back in my chair with one of my two feet propped up on the edge of the desk, looking all sextacular.  Now, in my defense, I was not being all slovenly.  And I was paying attention to keeping up appearances.  Whenever I would hear the front door of my office open I would take my feet down.  And I was still answering my phone.  So it's not like I wasn't paying attention or something.  But Boss Lady came wheeling around the corner and looked in my window, right at my feet.  I am sure that me desperately pulling my foot down was rather conspicuous as well.  But luckily for me she was hurrying out to a budget meeting.  I am going to have to watch myself much more closely I think.
- I was reminded of exactly how tired I am of zucchini.  I made stuffed zucchini the other day.  I had to use the last of my zucchinis that I received.  By the time it is all said and done, I will have eaten zucchini two weeks out of three.  Like, every day for two weeks out of three.  I should have frozen some.  Or just taken one.  But I didn't, and I am going to have to live with the consequences.  And I hope to not have to see another zucchini until the end of next summer.  Unless they are shredded and encased in a delicious bread.
- I received a call from the police.  That's a lie.  It was actually a dispatcher at the Sheriff's Department.  But she was calling to tell me that someone had hit my car with theirs out in the alley and that I should probably go out there.  So I did.  There were two city police officers there, as well as the just graduated girl who hit me and her mother.  I was walking down my back stairs, envisioning glass and plastic spread everywhere with parts of my car that only my mechanic should see showing for all the world.  But when I came around the corner it looked fine.  And as I walked up it looked fine.  In fact, I was about eight feet away before I could tell that anything was different at all.  In the end, there was about an eight-inch crack in the plastic fender.  So as long as it drives okay I am not going to worry about it at all.  Sometimes you just have to brush your shoulders off and move on.
- I ate something bad.  God, I hope it was the zucchini.
- I figured out one of my Internet passwords that I had forgotten.  That was neat.  I didn't really figure it out though.  And I had never forgotten my password.  I had actually forgotten my user ID.  So take that.  And I had to call the place and ask some precisely places innocent questions to get it to work, but now it does and I am happy.  I am also excited that they don't seem to think that I am TOO much of a waterhead.
- I went to bed early.  Well, I am going to go to bed early.  Because sometimes you just have to do that.  So that is what I am going to do.  And it is going to be glorious I can assure you.  Although, my bedroom is a little strange.  First of all it has a strange layout in terms of the furniture, but that's not the problem.  The room is almost completely white and I haven't hung anything on the walls yet.  I just keep forgetting.  So my room is very austere and lacking anything resembling character.  But hey, my eyes are closed most of the time when I am in there anyway, right?  Actually, it sort of looks like something out of a mental hospital in the former Soviet Union.  On second thought, maybe that is not so good...
- I drove my car to work.   I know, that doesn't sound terribly strange or exciting, but you should know that I only live three blocks from work.  Okay, so now it sounds pathetic.  But honestly, I only do it when I have somewhere to go either directly from work or during work.  Because sometimes on my lunch hour I don't have enough time to walk all the way to my car and then run my errands.  Plus, today I had both instances to deal with.  I went places on my lunch and directly after work.  So how do you and your judgments feel about that business?  I know that I feel pretty good about it.
- I wrote an amazing blog.  Yeah, I wrote an amazing blog tonight.  Actually, from where I am sitting, it looks like I have written 190 amazing blogs in a row. But that's just me. I mean, I couldn't even win the Chevrolet Presents the First Annual Big Dave and Company Blog of the Year Award Brought to You By Mountain Dew.  But what do I know.  All I know is that I have written 190 amazing blogs IN A ROW!  And that's on the Internet, so it must be true.

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