Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day

     I left work today and walked three blocks out of my way, away from my comfortable apartment, to the friendly local post office, in an attempt to pick up my mail.  Since I didn't pick it up on Thursday, or Friday, I am sure that my little tiny post office box is stuffed to the hilt with bills and junk mail and a flier from Trigs.  So it is off to a good start with my new postal carrier.  Although, it's not really a postal carrier since they don't really carry it to me, I have to carry myself there and pick it up myself.  So I guess that I am off to a good start with my new postal worker, I just hope that they don't go all postal on me when I am there to get my messages.
     Anyway, I wander over to the post office to get my mail and I notice a considerable lack of vehicles in the parking lot.  In fact, there is only one, a weird, homemade bicycle that I just seen a man riding about a block earlier.  But here am I, oblivious on a Monday afternoon, attempting to stroll into the back door of the post office that leads down a long hallway into the foyer where the mailboxes are located.  But instead I run into a not-quite young man.  I mean literally run into him.  We are standing face to face and we do it like we are in Ocean's Twelve or something.  He started with "The post office is closed, it's..." and I finished with "...Columbus Day!  I forgot."  And I did.  I saw it all day long on my computer screen, as my Microsoft Outlook Calendar repeatedly told me.  Plus, GH and I had spent the entire day bemoaning the fact that the people out in the townships were rubbing it in our face that they were off.  And yet there we sat, working awfully hard for October.  So all I want to know is...what the hell is with that?
     I work in the government.  The go-vern-ment.  We don't work on holidays.  I mean, I know that Columbus Day is not a major holiday.  It's not like  Thanksgiving or a Flag Day, but it is still as holiday.  And every other governement employee seemed to have the day off.  So why was I there, all dressed up and answering phones and e-mails and generally getting stuff done.  But no one at the post office was getting anything done.  No one in the Department of Homeland Security was getting anything done.  Because they were at home fertilizing the lawn.  Nobody at the Lebanon Township Offices in New Hampshire was getting anything done.  Because they were having a picnic with their family in a field of wildflowers.  I mean, they weren't in bloom or anything because it's October, but if it were the summertime they would be.  Right now they are just sticks or stems or whatever.  But they people were still out there doing their thing.  And I was inside typing memos.  And reading online about how warm it was outside.  Cloudy, yes, but warm nonetheless.  
     I don't know, maybe I am spoiled.  Maybe I just want what is coming to me because of the years I spent working when we got no holidays off.  I am sure that those of you who still work in that situation are pissed at me right now.  And that's okay.  I understand.  I should shut the hell up and be grateful.  But I work for the government.  The only people who should be getting more time off are the people who work for the Catholic universities.  They get every holiday and just about every saint's day and feast day off.  Oh man is it nuts.  But I am supposed to be second on the list.  I know that Columbus Day is a fake holiday but let's be honest, if one government worker get the day off the rest should too.  And that must be true; it's on the Internet.


david "f' ing Nathaniel said...

yeah "f" you and your holidays off crap. when i am working xmas eve and sitting there while the wife and kids are home i will think of you and how much you make me angry getting them off.

Big Dave said...

Okay, David F-ing Nathaniel, I understand how pissed off you are. I was like you for a long time. If it makes you feel any better I have to come back on Friday, Dec 26 for one day before the weekend comes. Does that make you feel better? I didn't think so. But I tried.