Monday, September 29, 2008

News and Notes

Here are some random news and notes and thoughts from the past week or so that I am putting together for you because I didn't feel like writing a real blog for today.  Consider it the Big Dave and Company version of a clip show.  Enjoy!

The Grass Is Not Always Greener.  I talked to the Peg-a-saurus Rex last night and she was complaining to me because she hasn't appeared on the pages of Big Dave and Company for some time.  I am not going to lie, I found this confusing as every time I write about her she yells at me for putting her in my blog.  Strange how that works.  It's okay though Peg-a-saurus Rex, I understand.  When you are used to having something in your life, or to being a part of something, and then it is absent for a while you really get a good idea on how much you liked having it around.  It works for lots of things.  Being in my blog.  Drinking beer out of bottles instead of cans.  Dealing with you annoying little brother.  Using two-ply toilet paper.  Lots of things.  So I am sorry Peg-a-saurus Rex, now you've made a cameo appearance in the blog.  You and your stuffed beaver.
2.)  Ships Passing in the Night.  My apologies to Jimmy James, who was in beautiful and scenic Iron Mountain this past weekend and whom I was unable to connect up with.  And my apologies to Friend Steven who the weekend before was in beautiful and scenic Iron Mountain and with whom I was also unable to connect up with.  How strange and sad is that?  I hope that you both had wonderful trips and can fin it in your hearts or bellies or wherever to forgive me.
3.)  New Views on Downtown.  For those of you who may not know, I have located my new Worldwide Headquarters in the downtown business district of my new town.  I thought this would be a good idea as the rent if affordable, and it is within walking distance of anywhere that I might want to go.  Sounds good, right?  Saves me on gas.  Gets my chubby self out and moving around as I plod my way to work and the post office and the store.  But what I have discovered is that people use their vehicles to act as a-holes when they don't think anyone lives in the area.  I'm serious!  They think that because they aren't in a residential neighborhood they can rev their mufflerless engines and squeal their already bald tires at all times of the day and night.  Well, news flash Richard Petty, there are people who live upstairs.  If you want to do that go in an industrial park somewhere.  I am aware now.  I hope you are too.  Because if I catch you engaging in that business outside my house I will throw water balloons filled with shaving cream out my window at your car.  And I have AMAZING aim.
4.) Bob Costas Can't Rap.  I have no evidence to support this claim, but I would be utterly shocked if it wasn't true.
5.) What's New in the Queen City?  I spent some time on Sunday laughing off my ass to an ancient episode of the smash-hit show WKRP in Cincinnati, which got me thinking: "What is wrong with me?" But I couldn't figure out the answer to that, so then I was thinking "Man, Loni Anderson was hot back in her day."  But it also got me thinking about our friends at  Jessica has had several posts on her site about Cincinnati chili around the world, in places like Amman, Jordan and New York City.  She's also been rounding up some new and exciting recipes for all sorts of stuff.  Into your second month and still going strong!  Keep up the good work.
6.) Raising the Roof.  I was talking to David Nathaniel last week while he was in the middle of putting a new roof on his shed.  When I expressed my surprise that he was working on the project alone, he responded "All my free labor has left."  Since I was his free labor I felt sort of bad.  I actually wanted to sneak up there on my day off and paint something without him knowing, but I didn't.  Almost. But not quite.
     That's all the news and notes and random thoughts for now.  Have a wonderful day and remember: Only you can prevent forest fires!  That's a lie.  Lots of people can do that.  But you are one of them.

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