Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day

     Well Company, we have reached Labor Day, the traditional end of summer.  And yet it's the hottest days of the summer so far.  Ironic, isn't it?  Astronomers will disagree with me and tell all of us that summer ends on the autumnal equinox on September 22-ish, and technically it does.  But in practice it is today.  And that is fine. 
     Labor Day itself is a little ironic.  Let's take a day to celebrate labor, which is the act of doing things, by taking the day off from doing things.  Now that is genius.  That's like saying that I am going to celebrate my sobriety by getting smashed.  Or celebrating the fact that you got your credit card paid off by going on a shopping spree.  I love it!  
     So what is everybody doing on this day?  I am guessing that many of your are going to be having a cookout.  I used to have cookouts for Labor Day every year, until I got a job that makes getting time off seem like trying to wrestle a salmon away from a starving bear.  You and your buddies are in the backyard, you've put WAY too much lighter fluid on the grill, mostly because you've had WAY too much beer, and now everything is going to taste like petrochemicals.  Sorry  
     Maybe you've gone on a long weekend over the Labor Day holiday, heading out to go camping, maybe do some water skiing, wrapping up the summer.  Like I said before, this is the traditional end of summer.  So that means that it is going to snow tomorrow.  It might, you never know.  But go out and do nothing that has anything to do with your job.  Relax and have fun; take the long weekend off.  And enjoy it.  Because, all you people who are working people, all you labor people, tomorrow you aren't especially special anymore.  You are just another factory worker or mailman or pole vaulter.  So enjoy your day to be off and be honored.  Have a beer and a burger and be happy to be with those you love, or doing what you love.  And have a happy Labor Day!


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