Saturday, August 16, 2008

Two Reasons Why I Am Angry with Major League Baseball

Editor's Note:  This post was written at approximately 11:41 PM EDT last night, and may not reflect the actual outcomes of events related within.  Thanks.
1.)  I take 14.95 of my admittedly not hard-earned dollars every year and pay it to Major League Baseball so I can listen to the radio broadcast of my Milwaukee Brewers over the internet.  I know, I should probably be spending that money on drug rehab or Epsom salts or something, but I like to listen to Bob Uecker and Jim Powell and hear what is going on with my team.  And it's actually a really good deal.  For $14.95 I can hear the broadcast of every game, from both home and away broadcast, and I can even hear the Spanish-language broadcasts if they are available.  So I understand that I am getting a lot and not paying a whole bunch, but still, is it too much to ask that your shit works correctly?
     Periodically, when I am trying to listen to a Brewers game, the Major League Baseball (MLB) Radio website tells me that my self-renewing subscription, that I've already paid for twice, is no longer valid because there was a problem processing me credit card.  Now that is just plain retarded.  Because I have already been charged for this service.  I have the statement to prove it.  In fact, I have already been charged TWICE for this service because I am retarded and one time that that screen came up I ordered it up again.  That's on me.  But seriously, why does the "there was an error processing your credit card" screen come up when NO ONE IS PROCESSING MY CARD!  All it should take for me to get in is my name, my password, and the cookie that you have undoubtedly places somewhere on my computer.
     Listen MLB.  You can offer me a website with real time stats.  You can offer me pictures of stadiums that aren't built yet.  You can offer me your website in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.  So why can't you figure out that you already have my money?  If it's a ploy to get paid extra by getting me to pony up for a service that I have already paid for, then good job.  It's worked on me once.  If it's just because you don't care because I am a high-work, low-profit customer and one of six people in the world who want to listen to baseball on the internet, then that is fine.  But all I wanted to do tonight was veg out and listen to the Brewers game.  And it came on eventually, but for the first hour of the game I was cursing you and your error message.  And that is reason number one why I am pissed off at Major League Baseball.
2.)  The second reason that I am pissed off at Major League Baseball is because they won't let their players play in the Olympics.  Yeah.  I know that it would cut into your 162-game season, but by late August everyone is starting to get tired of watching Seattle Mariners vs. Baltimore Orioles highlights, or of reading the Anaheim Angels at Kansas City Royals box score in the paper.  Taking a couple of weeks off to let your guys play in the Olympics would be great.  Other countries do it.  Plus, Olympic baseball would be so much better, because all those MLB players would filter back to Japan and Cuba and Venezuela and the Dominican Republic and wherever else they are from.  And, oh my God, a lot of them would play for the US team.  And boy do we need them.  We send out minor leaguers to represent us against the rest of the world and they suck.  They can't even beat Canada for Christ's sake! (The USA was losing 4-0 to Canada in the top of the 5th inning at the time that the disgusted author turned the TV off.)  I can understand losing to Japan or Cuba but Canada?  Come on.  That's like a sweet bass boat losing a race to a pontoon because the bass boat is only using the trolling motor.  It's just retarded.  The United States boasts some of the best baseball talent in the world, why can't we display and utilize it?  The NBA lets their professionals play in the Olympics.  I know, I know, the Olympics are for amateurs, but the athletes aren't paid to be there.  They do it for pride and gold medals.
     I know that it ultimately comes down to money.  MLB won't release their players because all the big name stars would be gone for two weeks and the owners would not make as much cash.  I understand how it works.  Everyone would rather watch Alex Rodriguez than Wilson Betemit.  I get it.  But it would be such a service to our country, and it would be so much fun.  But it's never to be I am afraid.  Because MLB is like an old boys club that is just there to keep milking money out of old technology.  Let's not worry about our drug problem until it's out of hand because the guys who are juiced up are making up money.  Let's not get instant replay because it costs us too much money and doesn't benefit us.  And let's not give up a couple dozen of our superstars for two weeks every four years because it might cost us.  Go f---- yourself Major League Baseball.  Seriously.  Because we can't even beat Canada.  And that syrup, is on your hands.


Big Dave said...

A Note From The Editors: The USA baseball team rallied from 4 runs down to defeat Canada 5-4. I am still pissed at Major League Baseball however.

Roxy said...

Oi, Big Dave..where do you want me to start about baseball!? :)