Monday, August 18, 2008

Two Reasons Why I Am Angry with ESPN

     Company, I usually try to keep this a relatively sports-free zone, but all I've been doing for the last 4 days or so has been watching or listening to or paying sports.  So please indulge me one more time as I vent about the two reasons why I an angry with ESPN:

1.)  They aren't showing the Astros at Brewers game on ESPN2 like they were supposed to because the Little League World Series went like 10 minutes long.  So the game I want to see, a rare opportunity to watch the baseball team that I root for, is on some obscure ESPN affiliate that nobody gets except for Foxy Roxy's husband.  I cleared my whole evening out to get pre-empted by a bunch of 4'9" tall punk-asses from Connecticut?  No way.  It's the Little League World Series people.  NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE LITTLE LEAGUE WORLD SERIES!  Even the kids in the Little League World Series don't care about it all that much.  I mean, haven't you ever seen South Park?  GOD!  The only people who care about the Little League World Series are the parents of the kids who are playing in it.  And they are insufferable anyway.

2.)  Seriously, ESPN, can you crawl out of the Boston Red Sox asshole for like two minutes?  Please?  Two minutes is all that I ask.  Oh, and that you can't crawl into the Cubs' or Yankees' ass during that time.  Thanks.

Okay Company, that all the more sports, except for maybe a little ore Olympics, that I will subject you to for a while.  Thanks for your patience in this very important matter.

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